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Safari tourist in Uganda

Uganda safari tourist

Uganda safari tourist is any member whose choice is to get involved in the remarkable safari bundles /packages provided/presented in Uganda as they discover the huge country and its loveliness. Uganda safaris /tours are the only road you can use to unravel the virtuous of mother Nature’s secret veiled in the pockets of the Pearl of Africa. And certainly the Uganda safari tourists are the best option because they treasure and love to tour the wildlife and other Natural structures in the wilderness of the pearl of Africa. Tourists to Uganda do transfer from several and dissimilar places and find Uganda unique and the finest destination to tour in on the continent of Africa. A tourist is a person who loves to transfer/travel the world and spot the diversity of attractions in the secured areas such as wildlife, scenery and a lot more of avian life. So anybody who transfers to places other than the usual dwelling is termed as a tourist. Therefore, in this case Uganda safari tourist is one who transfers to Uganda for dedications regarding safari trips, holidays and tours in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda’s tourism network is a fresh/new organ of Uganda’s economy, conversely, it is the most accumulating and vast foreign exchange earner in Uganda. Just a few decades ago when it was in progress, now the in-coming of tourists in Uganda has amplified steadily over the gone/past years of which around 2019, festivities/celebrations were staged about the accumulating totals of tourists in Uganda –records point it out that there were increasing in-coming totals of tourists by 7.8% by the year 2018.Tourists to Uganda are principal safari tourists and fancy going to National Parks in the country sides of the country and others tour the tourism sites in Uganda though.

Foundation/Origin of Uganda safari tourists

Exploration indicates that the huge totals of Uganda safari tourists do transfer from European countries. Europe is the prime basis of Uganda safari tourists and it does produce about 13.8% of the whole tourist influxes into Uganda-the Pearl of Africa. Asia covers the 2nd position after Europe contributing to the in –coming of Uganda safari tourists who tour Uganda. Now Middle East does provide about 9.7% and America which does provide 9.2%. Conversely, the other /rest of the fraction of safari tourists does transfer from anywhere around the world. Therefore, Europe, Asia, Middle East and America are the principal origins of Uganda safari tourists. Still again the prime foundation of Uganda safari tourists are the prime cash cows for Uganda government revenue and the vast series of employment chances and rural development among others, golden assistance of tourism to the pearl of Africa binges to the continent of Africa and worldwide.

Categories of Tourists

There are different types of tourists in the Pearl of Africa relying on, the determination of the transfer/travel or the real reason for touring the pearl of Africa. Uganda Tourism Board is the prime organisation in Uganda which is responsible for a lot of tourism operations like development, progress of the tourism sector and economic development and so on. These categories involve the following:

Cultural tourists in Uganda who tour the Pearl of Africa for safari purposes and others. This category of tourists majorly tours because they are absorbed in culture in the different regions/parts of Uganda. Cultural tourists are fascinated to deeply dig into the culture, art, behaviour, dance and lifestyle of the people who stay and live in Uganda-Pearl of Africa. The celebrations, cultural rituals and Customs of different tribes existing in Uganda, are fonts of happiness and enthusiasm for cultural tourists in Uganda. Uganda is marked as the finest terminus for the cultural tourists in the world, because it is wealthy with characteristic, however, comparable, tribes located in all regions of Uganda. Take an example of Batooro, Baganda, Bakiga, etc.

Leisure tourists who transfer to Uganda with a prime purpose of hanging out, lessening up and invigorating of mind, body and soul. These tourists try means to run away from the tedious daily circuit like jobs and work way back from their home country. Most of this category of tourists do fancy getting involve and engaging in relaxing activities like boat cruising either along the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Nile boat cruising in Murchison falls National Park, lake Mburo –boat cruise, plus they also relish birding in Bigodi wetland swamp positioned in Kibale National Park, Kazinga channel, Mabamba wetland system in Entebbe town, etc. Not only that these tourists-leisure do also fancy getting engaged in activities like mountain climbing and hiking in places like mountain Rwenzori Sipi falls in eastern Uganda, crater trail in Kibale National Park (Ndali kasende crater trail).

Religious Tourists who transfer to Uganda strictly focused on realizing and understanding the different religions of different destinations in the Pearl of Africa. They find it unique to tour the different religious sites in Uganda and digging deeper into the religious beliefs of the Ugandan people. Religious tourists do engage in touring religious places like Namugongo Martyrs catholic shrine, Rubaga Cathedral for Roman catholic, Namirembe cathedral, Uganda National mosque formerly called Gadhafi mosque situated on Old Kampala Hill in the heart of Kampala city. Also they do tour the Bahai temple situated in the suburbs of Kampala city plus the Hindu temples found in Nakasero, Kampala & Jinja.

More of the tourists types we have got involve, the educational tourist who specifically transfer and tour Uganda for research purposes, Volunteer tourists who visit indigenous villages and communities giving a helping hand to families in need and learning about their way of living to the vulnerable people in those communities. The medical tourists to help out and share their medical expertise to those who can’t acquire medical help,etc.