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Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary, due to its location inside the Lake, portrays a cool climate with a , naturally endowed attractive and unique landscape. The sanctuary experience is so unique that no detail is overlooked; children, teenagers, youth, and the elderly are introduced to the activities on Ngamba Island and packages that best fit their interests in the finest settings.

NGAMBA ISLAND CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda is recognized as the primate capital, where ultimate chimp tracking takes place. The nation is well-known for providing the greatest chimp experience in East Africa. The trip to this park may be prohibitively far for people seeking the ultimate chimp tracking and habituation experience. In the case of tourists within Kampala, it is preferable to choose an experience that is close by. The Ngamba Island chimp sanctuary, located in Lake Victoria, houses chimps who have been removed from their native habitats in the bush.


Activities at ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary

The ultimate camping experience is one of the options available at this sanctuary. Camping in the sanctuary is mentally restorative because it removes you from the busy city atmosphere. The best part about these camping trips is the mind-refreshing lake wind that hangs above the island during the day. Campgrounds are well-established, and routine upkeep is performed. These tents are provided on-site, eliminating the need for a guest to struggle with lifting camping tents. The camping experience is further enhanced by activities geared mostly at youngsters.



NGAMBA ISLAND CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary’s natural beauty provides a suitable and excellent setting for birds. The early mornings are glamorous, with amazing chirps and bird sounds over the lake and the sanctuary. During a birding session, a birder would have a pleasant experience. The best time to go birding is in the early morning hours, when birds are getting ready to fly away. Binoculars are needed for anybody planning a birding excursion. A digital camera would suffice for bird watchers. After the bird watching practise, one might simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of the birds within Africa’s gem. So date, around 120 bird species have been identified here.

An ethologist values behavioral analysis, and one would want to do a one-on-one study of chimp behavior. Chimpanzees are 98.6 percent human! Most visitors wish to prove this statement. It’s worth imagining how chimps are closest to humans while still appearing very different from them. There are several possibilities to learn about chimp behavior, as well as risks and opportunities to contact with these species.

An nighttime cruise would be a good way to wrap up the day’s festivities. Visitors will be able to go around the sanctuary and observe the different types of wildlife and ecology on the island. An twilight trip on the Lake in the fresh wind would be fantastic. Sunset views and the movement of the waves on the lake’s surface.



NGAMBA ISLAND CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY Campfires are an intriguing location to gather and share many things with one another; stories, tales, people, music, meat cooking, and all-night enjoyment. A bonfire is lit at the end of each daily guided session. Most visitors to the Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary like to spend their nights around a warm fire pit, where they may enjoy the companionship of their colleagues and make new acquaintances. Because the evenings are cold, this is the greatest spot to commune and share a lot; create social relationships. More often than not, guests brighten the pleasure by dancing to music around the lighted camp fires. Cultural performances by the bonfire at night are always a fun opportunity to exchange cultures with guests by mingling, performing, drumming, and storytelling.

Participate in catching the Nile Perch, one of the world’s largest fresh water fish, by joining a half or full day fishing trip on Lake Victoria. Certified trained skippers are fully familiar with the lake and will provide an unforgettable fishing experience. Whether you pick one day or a week of guided fishing, our crew will put you on the fish with their knowledge and expertise. The fishing excursions include 4 to 8 hours of fantastic fishing and cater to a tailored experience that one will never ignore!

Fun activities are a big part of the experience, especially for kids. The refuge provides for children’s gaming requirements. Soccer, volleyball, and wildlife-themed games Furthermore, morning exercises are heavily promoted in order to enjoy physical health and begin the day in a well-rested and energetic state.

Nights are frequently quite entertaining here, with lots of unforgettable activities. One of the most popular things here, according to many guests, has been the late-night painting sessions. Students and youngsters frequently engage in self-motivated competitions by expressing their thoughts and ideas in pictorials on a piece of fabric. This event might easily consume a whole evening session with no regrets because maximum enjoyment is gained from it.

The lodging on Ngamba Island is designed to meet a wilderness standard. In contrast to typical residences, the usage of camping tents is distinctive. It is usually best to embark on a vacation with a group size of 10 to thirty people. All of this will be covered on the Ngamba island day trip or the Ngamba island tour.

How to get to ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary

NGAMBA ISLAND CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY Ngamba Island is part of the Koome group of islands in Lake Victoria. The island is approximately 23 kilometres southeast of Entebbe.

Because Ngamba Island is an island, the most prevalent mode of transportation is water. A speedboat from Entebbe’s pier (which takes 40-55 minutes) or a powered canoe might therefore be used (takes around 90 minutes). There is also the option of flying from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Air Strip, which takes around 20 minutes. Charter boats and helicopters are other alternatives.