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Top Safari Lodges in Uganda

The Best Safari Accommodation Properties in Uganda: A-List Safari Vacation Lodges

We go through our collection of Safari Holiday Lodges in Uganda to find the best lodging options for your summer vacation in Africa’s gem. We hope that this a-list inspires your future adventurous adventures when you return to the planet.

Uganda’s enormous, untamed swath of wilderness, known as the Pearl of Africa, has persevered with tenacity. Perhaps iconic images such as silverback gorillas in verdant mountain jungles, giraffes and acacia trees silhouetted against a savannah sunset, herds of elephants, and hippos dipped winding riverbanks stick with travelers because they are so different from nature scenes in the civilized western world, where centuries of human intervention have left little trace of true wilderness or the animals that once roamed freely.

Generations of safari travelers have been drawn to Africa’s magnificent natural landscapes, and lodging providers have kept up. Today’s safari tourists are more concerned with ticking off the Big Five and deciding whether to have red or white wine with supper. And for the ultimate in service, luxury, adventure, and indulgence, guests can’t go wrong with the safari holiday hotels in Uganda recommended by our travelers.

We picked these A-list holiday lodges and camps based on how our passengers evaluated them when we opened our doors in 2007. Their facilities, location, service, cuisine, amenities, and overall value are all rated.


Let us investigate!

Nile Safari Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaNile Safari Lodge, located on the bank of the Victoria Nile River between the Albert delta and Paraa in Murchison Falls National Park, immerses its guests in a rural wonderland, offering the quietest family safari vacation getaway.

The riparian takes use of its riverfront setting, with the thunderous Murchison Falls 20 kilometers downstream, allowing access to the park’s best game watching opportunities. The safari lodge Uganda’s most deluxe wilderness vacation rental has an inventive and ecologically responsible design that merges harmoniously with its surroundings.

The lodge’s minimally obtrusive design is exquisitely made from local eucalyptus wood and other locally obtained materials, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. It includes eight beautiful bandas tucked away among towering trees and dense plants along the Nile’s banks that may be hired separately. The luxurious sleeping rooms include en-suite bathrooms and outdoor showers, allowing visitors to soak in the natural surroundings. Each has its own own character and gives absolute seclusion for a wilderness or romantic escape, distinguished by inventive and purposefully basic designs. Exquisite hardwood décor, large double beds, and a private veranda provide a calm retreat against the mighty Nile.

An Exclusive Banda, ideal for a romantic escape, is accessible, with a private plunge pool and star bed for romantic nights.


Nile Safari Lodge is a superb safari vacation rental, a beautiful riverbank getaway that makes you feel, well, regal!


The Apoka Safari Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaApoka Lodge, perched on a lovely kopje, provides panoramic views of the Kidepo flatlands and the mountains beyond. This safari holiday lodge has a relaxing traditional safari feel to it, discreetly delivering a serene and private wildlife encounter in Uganda’s most remote northeastern Kidepo National Park.

Apoka is positioned 437 kilometers from the city mayhem, in the countryside among the untamed environment, and serves as an unrivaled headquarters for daring travelers seeking the genuine African safari experience.

Ten wonderfully equipped vacation cottages (each rented individually) lie directly on the brink of a rocky slope, with gorgeous interiors that blend a true sense of interior design with the natural surroundings. The natural colors on the rock, wood carvings and hand-crafted wooden beds wrapped with soft mosquito nets evoke an exquisite classic romance for a wilderness escape.

Hand-woven woolen rugs give warmth, while isolated sitting rooms and private verandas with views of the Narus Valley welcome meditative times over beautiful sunsets. A magnificent ensuite bathroom offers a wide tropical shower and a deep outdoor bathtub – the ideal place to unwind after a day of game viewing.

If the wild unwelcome visitors (lions, buffalo, giraffes, or leopards) don’t pique your interest, take a plunge in the beautiful swimming pool hewn out of the rock, immerse yourself in a good book or a fun-filled board game, and let the hours pass in the main sitting area.

Assume you’re seeking for a typical intrepid safari adventure in Uganda’s remote countryside. In that scenario, Apoka Safari Lodge is a one-of-a-kind safari vacation rental that combines traditional spaces with the natural environment to provide a romantic, warm, relaxing, and private holiday!


Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaSanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp lives up to its off-grid promise with a setting that appears to be straight out of a fantasy story or fairy tale. The 82,000 acres of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that surrounds this isolated safari holiday resort in the foothills of the Virunga Mountains are densely forested and full of natural charm. Canvas tents with hardwood flooring and decks provide a lovely, whimsical vibe that embodies the pioneering spirit of the jungle.

The eight tent camp is one of the most isolated and atmospheric in Africa, with a perfect position near to the starting point for gorilla trekking excursions in the thick woods – undoubtedly the most idyllic of all safari vacation rentals in Bwindi. It’s not uncommon for the king of the apes to appear during your evening siestas in the main neighborhoods.

Gorilla Forest Camp has eight canvas tents with hardwood flooring and decks, fluffy mattresses, and private bathrooms with bathtubs strategically placed for the sweltering forest’s interesting vises. Some of the attractions that will keep you involved throughout your holiday stay are an open-air dining hut overlooking the rainforest, a comfortable bonfire for social nights, a little playground, and a local crafts gift shop.


Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaThe Virunga Mountains divide this gorgeous community from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with tourists rising to about 7,000 feet to reach this isolated holiday resort and explore the huge expanses of southern Uganda’s rocky terrain.

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, boost the overall on a splendid ridge at the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, almost feels like it’s part of the rural landscape, with twelve vacation cottages nestled into the hillside trees, transporting visitors to an idyllic setting akin to Tuscany or the South of France.

The individual cottages at Nkuringo offer a particular elegance and surprise luxury among the forest trees, flowers, and plants. Locally inspired furniture adorns the large rooms, and light pours in from your individual observation balcony overlooking the woodland expanse. A private villa is also available, which is great for families or groups of friends visiting together.

Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge is an ideal base for gorilla trekking in the southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, located within a 10-minute walk from trekking activities in the world’s famed tropical rainforests.


Clouds Mountain Gorilla lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaThis secluded jungle holiday resort features elegant touches with rustic modern furnishings and extended windows that frame fascinating views of the neighboring green Bwindi forest and the Virunga Mountains, tucked beneath the old trees of Buniga Forest.

Its individual holiday homes spread throughout the hillside will provide an amazing dose of solitary tranquility. Each individual home is made of native volcanic stone and features a large living area with a fireplace, large overstuffed armchairs, and hand-woven rugs. The outside verandas’ comfortable seats give the ideal vantage point for admiring the breathtaking views of the forest below. As dusk approaches, blazing fires cast a warm light.

Trekking the endangered mountain gorillas a few minutes’ walk from the resort is the major attraction that may draw you to this rustic vacation hideaway. A walk through the neighborhood, dancing with the local Batwa tribe, nature trekking, and bird viewing in the surrounding region can also keep you engaged during your stay.


Mt. Gahinga Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaMount Gahinga Retreat, nestled in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes, is an exquisite holiday lodge with a calm appeal fascinated by the magnificent background of three extinct Virunga volcanoes. Its rustic appeal provides an engrossing aura of tranquillity and history.

With its unusual hues, Gahinga’s luxury private bandas embody the charm of the local Bufimbira people’s artistic traditions. The interior of each vacation banda is warm and rustic, with a walk-in ensuite costliness bathroom, fireplace, and private veranda to see the enormous steaming volcanoes.

If you’ve ever wanted to base yourself at the base of a volcano, Mount Gahinga Lodge is the place to be. You may dart out from any of the six stone bandas with papyrus roofs to track endangered mountain gorillas or valuable golden monkeys, trek the volcano, or meet native Batwa pygmies, the earliest residents of the Central African rainforest.


 Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaIf you’re searching for complete isolation on a typical Africa safari holiday, drive southwest to Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Ishasha sector for a few nights at the appropriately called Ishasha Wilderness Camp.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is tucked in a beautiful location kissing the magnificent Ntungwe River bend, where hippos snort lazily in the river and elephants wallow in the shallows.

The tents, which channel colonial beauty, are more comparable to big homes, with four-poster beds for two and ancient leather trunks beautifully dispersed about the space. With a huge, open-sided lounge, bar, library, and dining space facing the river banks, the cool, grass-thatched roof of the main room gives shade on even the hottest savannah days. There’s plenty of solid sitting to view the gurgling river and all of its four-legged guests.

Dining al fresco beneath a starlit sky, as well as three-course picnics in the savannah – say goodbye to jam sandwiches, but be prepared to share the spread with a cheeky monkey or tree-climbing lions – should be high on your list.


Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaKyambura Gorge Lodge, located on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kyambura Ravine, exudes flair and grandeur both inside and out. Kyambura’s rustic-elegant safari holiday suites, transformed from an ancient coffee plantation storage facility, merge well-crafted handwork, traditional Ugandan artwork, a granite exterior, and exquisite private vacation bandas that mimic the surrounding scenery.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge is designed with a contemporary European motif that is accented with local items to provide guests with an African cultural experience. Each holiday banda has a distinct perspective of the broad savannah plains or the wide gorge, with a pleasant wind blowing all the way through. The safari vacation getaway includes eight bandas, a large common area, a swimming pool, and a 30-minute complimentary massage for each guest.

Stay here if you want to see the park’s spectacular northern wildlife in one of Africa’s most beautiful and varied parks, focused around the Kazinga Channel, where a variety of animal species, large and tiny, congregate for a drink or a swim in the channel’s tranquil waters.


Elephant Plains Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaElephant Plains Lodge is located on the northeastern outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park, yet it’s a different world out here, surrounded by huge acres of protected wilderness plains and an unending blanket of stars. The safari game drive and natural wonders of Kasenyi game trails, Mweya Peninsula, Lake Kikorongo, and Kazinga Channel are all within close reach.

The tranquil rural adobe echoes the desert outdoors, while midcentury contemporary furniture pieces add a more polished touch than you may think. The safari holiday homes have spacious bathtub showers and are spread out around the hills, providing serene seclusion for quiet nights outside. Large verandas overlook Lake Kikorongo, where elephants and buffaloes gather around the drinking hole to watch the sunset.

The main room has a large lounge with nice sofas and smaller seating places where you may have a Ugandan gin and tonic while admiring the wonderful views from the lake. The restaurant features a large outdoor dining deck with 270-degree views and serves an international menu inspired by local tastes.

The lodge also features a large eco-friendly swimming pool where visitors can chill off at the end of the day while still taking in the breathtaking views from all across the property.


The Kyaninga Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaThis purpose-built Uganda safari holiday home lives up to its off-the-grid promise with a look straight out of a dream story or fairy tale. The rocky grounds around Kyaninga Lodge in the Rwenzori Mountains’ foothills are densely forested, with dozens of crator lakes and woodland beauty. The combination of knotted oak beams and lumber creates a wonderful, whimsical atmosphere that exudes a pioneering spirit.

When visitors walk out of their cottage, they may discover the small Fort Portal region’s hidden natural amenities, which are nestled on the brink of a stunning crater lake. The gardens provide a beautiful location for leisure, introspection, and vacation games. There is even a lawn tennis court for holiday muscle stretching. A guided stroll around Lake Kyaninga will lead you to amazing animal sights such as colobus monkeys and baboons.

Beyond the enclosure, you’ll find the magnificent linkages of Crator Lakes and the world-renowned Kibale Forest National Park, Africa’s monkey capital. Kibale stands out as the greatest spot in Africa to observe chimp colonies in their native habitat, as well as twelve other primate species.

The Mihingo Lodge

Top Safari Lodges in UgandaThis safari holiday resort offers a prized location overlooking Lake Mburo National Park’s extensive savannah plains, equidistant between Uganda’s capital city and primate trekking areas in southern Uganda.

Mihingo Lodge is an amazing setting of wilderness holiday luxury built to mix seamlessly with its natural surroundings, perched high on a 500 million-year-old granite kopje. A peaceful pool overlooks a vast wild valley below the water, where buffalo, impala, zebra, eland, warthogs, and bushbuck congregate for an afternoon drink.

If you enjoy traditional game watching on the back of a horse, you’re in for a real African bush experience. The resort is Uganda’s first holiday establishment that offers day and night equine safaris.

The enormous dining and living space, high atop the rocky kopje with expansive views of the plains, is where all meals are served and visitors socialize. On a hot day, the cooling air from Lake Kacheera makes it one of the coolest spots in the lodge. It’s an ideal setting to enjoy Sarah’s three-course meal, which is a blend of diverse cultures, herbs, and spices from across the world, with vegetables produced organically in the onsite garden.


Reservations for Safari Vacation Lodges in Uganda

Let us book you into one of Uganda’s most luxurious safari holiday lodges. What do you think? With all of these holiday rentals, we’ve built a solid reputation over the last decade. We want to provide you the opportunity to take advantage of our long-standing relationships with the properties while also assisting you in planning your Uganda safari at your own speed and manner.

We will tailor your adventure safari to cover all of your bucket list things and even cloud your skepticism. We have the local knowledge and enthusiasm to provide you with the assistance you require at no cost.

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