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Kitagata Hot Spring Tours Uganda

The Kitagata hot spring, located along the Ishaka-Kagamba Road in Sheema County’s Sheema region, is an old natural Jacuzzi that has become the symbol of western Uganda. By road, the hot spring lies about 2 kilometers from Kitagata town and about 62 kilometers from Mbarara town, the largest and most important metropolitan center in the whole subregion.

We visit the two series of this wonderful hot spring, Ekyomugabe and Mulago, on our Uganda safari trip Kitagata hot springs. Ekyomugabe hot spring was a private retreat for the Banyankole’s previous King, or “Omugabe,” and was so termed “belonging to the King.” Mulago, on the other hand, was named after the largest referral hospital in Uganda.Kitagata Hot Spring

Mulago’s name was not chosen at random, since many people think it has inherent healing abilities. On Uganda excursions, you are certain to come across a lot of people; men, women, and children bathing in the warm waters of Mulago in the hope that their diseases may be relieved.


The setting

Uganda tour Kitagata hot-spring is proof that Uganda never ceases to amaze. This natural adventure is softly snuggled amid a network of cone-shaped hills and a good number of Inselbergs clothed in a beautiful riparian flora. The River Ngaromwenda flows nearby, giving the Kitagata with clean water.


A natural healing environment:

When most people hear the word “Kitagata,” they instantly identify it with “healing” and “hospital.” Arriving to Kitagata for Uganda safari trips involves a “fight” with various shelters placed around the area. The constructions are frequently modest individual chambers with corrugated iron sheets or grass thatched roofs.

The journey to Mulago is certainly interesting, as patients check in and out of the springs. Expect to see locals half-immersed in water, claiming the curative potential of the Kitagata hot spring for themselves. On these Uganda trips, the goal is to immerse the diseased region of your body in the warm waters.

However, there is no criterion or prescription for receiving therapy. In fact, when it comes to internal problems like stomach pain, people may gather water in their containers and just drink it. It is a natural healing environment where patients come on their own volition and depart after “getting” adequate therapy.Kitagata Hot Spring


Meeting members of the local community

Kitagata hot-spring Uganda excursions provide an excellent opportunity to see western Uganda. You will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you will also have the opportunity to meet the local Sheema community, which has helped to put the hot spring on the map through their cultural beliefs and ancient traditions.

You will almost likely read about how the presence of Kitagata hot spring has impacted the lives of the locals. The rich plains surrounding Kitagata, for example, are a popular site for farming, supporting life with food crops. Furthermore, the fertile land has tremendously aided agricultural tourism, which has increased local revenue.

In terms of spiritual and psychological well-being, it goes without saying that Kitagata hot spring offers a foundation for native Sheema residents to maintain their traditions and beliefs. They are free to pursue the “magical” healing qualities of the spring, which were originally bestowed upon the area by old local gods.


What you should visit the Kitagata Hot Spring :

Safari trips in Uganda Kitagata hot springs get around 800 visitors each week, the majority of whom are “patients.” It is a 50-square-kilometer area of natural hot water that has brought many people to western Uganda, and you will be one of them when you go to Sheema for these Uganda excursions.

The locals visit Kitagata hot spring twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to lay, bathe, and sip the water. Morning hours are frequently shorter, lasting around 4 hours, however nights are livelier and might run up to 7 hours. At this stage, all you’ll need is your camera to capture some amazing vistas and surroundings.Kitagata Hot Spring


Best time to visit kitagata hot springs:

Sheema district, like the rest of Uganda, has pleasant weather all year. However, visiting Kitagata hot-spring Uganda safari trip, like Mountain Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, and other experiences, is best done during the dry months of January to February and June to July. Remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of water.