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Uganda Chimpanzee tracking Safari for Two Days

Uganda Chimpanzee tracking Safari for Two Days, takes you to Budongo Forest Reserve located in Murchison Falls National Park and has an area of 793 square kilometers, with 53% of the territory covered by forest and the remainder by grassland. This forest reserve is home to a diverse range of animal species, including 465 tree species, 24 mammal species, 9 primate species, 289 butterfly species, 359 bird species, and 130 moth species. The forest is particularly well-known for its mahogany trees and chimps, which number between 600 and 700. There are six groups of chimps that are used for trekking, and tourists have a good opportunity of viewing these monkeys all year.Uganda Chimpanzee tracking Safari for Two Days

The activity begins at 7:00 a.m., and the instructors will lead you around while you look for these unusual primates who share 98% of their DNA with humans. Depending on where they are on a given day, the activity may last 30 minutes or all day. Only children aged seven and older are permitted to follow the chimps, and groups are limited to a maximum of six persons per group.



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Detailed Itinerary For your Uganda Chimpanzee tracking Safari for Two Days

Transfer to Budongo Forest Reserve on Day 1

Following breakfast, your guide will pick you up and transport you to Budongo forest. You will check into your preferred lodging. The forest reserve is located near Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park. This site has a really natural feel to it because it is completely covered in mahogany trees. The woodland is home to several primate and bird species. Enjoy lunch at the lodge as you prepare for a guided walk into the forest to explore its beauty and animal species. Later in the evening, unwind in your lodge and listen to the wonderful sounds of the woodland birds.


Day 2: Go chimpanzee tracking in the wild.

Enjoy breakfast at your lodge before embarking on a chimp trek, which takes between 3 and 6 hours while you seek for these amazing creatures. When you meet them, you will be given an hour to spend with them while they play, climb trees, and care for their young. This trip will also introduce you to a variety of different animal species such as birds, monkeys, and others. After the walk, return to your lodge for lunch before departing for Kampala in the late afternoon. The tour will either drop you off at your hotel or at the airport for your last flight.


  • Inclusions on the safari.
    Chimpanzee permissions
    Touring via transportation and photography
    Drinking water in a bottle
    Guide/driver(English speaking and full time) (English speaking and full time)
    Accommodation(Full Board) (Full Board).


  • Exclusions from the Tour
    Flights to other countries (Can be arranged if requested)
    Personal costs such as gratuities, alcohol, and laundry services
    Visas for Entebbe/Kampala
    Additional personal things
    Extra activities that are not included in the schedule.