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How Can I Book A Uganda Gorilla Tracking Safari?

How can I book a Uganda gorilla tracking safari?

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How to Book a Uganda Gorilla Tracking Safari: A gorilla safari in Uganda allows you to trek for one hour with mountain gorillas and can only be obtained through a registered tour company like Monumental Expeditions and Safaris in either Uganda or Rwanda, or through the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda and the Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda.

When scheduling a gorilla safari in Uganda, the quickest item to consider is obtaining a gorilla trekking permit. Another advantage of booking with a safari company is that they are familiar with the numerous gorilla families as well as the surrounding town and the various locations of stay, which they can reserve for you. They may also make excellent travel suggestions if you wish to combine your gorilla safari with other wildlife excursions. As a result, you may contact us at Monumental Expeditions and Safaris for assistance in booking a gorilla-tracking safari to Uganda.

However, if you want to book your gorilla trekking permit directly through the Uganda Wildlife Authority, especially for tourists from outside Uganda, you must e-mail the Uganda Revenue Authority’s reservation office inquiring about the availability of the dates you want to track or trek the gorillas, and if they are not available, you should ask them to update you on the nearest dates.

Gorilla safaris in Uganda are conducted in both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks; however, due to the presence of just one habituated mountain gorilla family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, the majority of Ugandan gorilla safaris are conducted in Bwindi Forest National Park. This implies that the majority of gorilla trekking permits sold are for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, but you may still choose which national park you want to visit during your booking of a gorilla safari in Uganda.

Before you go on your gorilla safari to Uganda, you will be advised on which gorilla region to trek the mountain gorillas depending on your fitness level, particularly in the case of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which has about 18 habituated gorilla families is also divided into four regions, such as Buhoma region in the north, Rujiha region in the east, Rushaga region in the south, and Nkuringo region in the south. Each region has different habituated gorillas.

When should you book your Uganda gorilla safari?

You should schedule a gorilla safari three months in advance or six months in advance, depending on your travel dates. You may also arrange a last-minute gorilla safari with us at Monumental Expeditions and Safaris. Gorilla safaris to Uganda can also be scheduled up to two years in advance, which mostly advantages travellers who want to go Gorilla Trekking during the Peak season or High season, which is during the drier months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February. As a result, the earlier you book, the sooner you will be able to go gorilla trekking at your preferred time, as gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly during peak season.

The cost of a gorilla permit

A Uganda Gorilla trekking permit costs USD700 for foreigners who do not stay in Uganda or any of the East African Community countries, USD700 for foreigners who stay in East African Community partner states, and UGX 250,000 for natives who stay in the East African Community. A gorilla trekking permit costs USD1500 in Rwanda, and all rates are per person, per trek.

You should be aware that you cannot go gorilla trekking unless you obtain a gorilla trekking permit. To book your Gorilla trekking permit, you must submit your name, nationality, passport number, and date of birth. In this scenario, you should be aware that Gorilla trekking permits cannot be handled in the custody of another person, so you will be required to present your passport and identity documents at the pre-trekking briefing.

You must also submit your payment information as well as the dates you wish to go gorilla trekking and whether or not the days you have proposed are already booked. Then you’ll have to ask whoever is organising your permit for the nearest dates that can serve as backup plans for your gorilla expedition.

Finally, you will receive a scanned copy of your gorilla trekking permit within a few days or weeks, and when you reach the country, we will be able to deliver it for you, or you will have to collect it at the Uganda Wildlife Authority office if you are going independently. Your permit will have a serial number and your personal information inscribed on it.