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Gratuities-Tipping while on a Safari in Uganda

Tipping while on a Tour in Uganda. Uganda, like any other East African Country, has a non-tipping belief. The exclusion is the Tourism Industry. Safari/Tour Companies, Hotels, and Lodges that accommodate tourists. Wardens/Ranges, porters, and others who offer vital amenities for trekkers/Tourists.

Gratuities-Tipping while on a Safari in UgandaTipping has gradually become part of the custom and the expected in the Tourism Industry. There are quite a few who now strongly believe that a tip is compulsory. A few safari operators even distribute and offer their customers widespread lists of probable tips. We could be outdated but we do know and believe that Tipping is not a must-do thing. Tipping, as we know it at present, started from/ in the US. Some ancient indication proposes that it was culturally inspired.

At present, it is part of everyday American life and values. It is not that way in much of Europe. An amenity fee is supplemented to the bill. One reason that in Uganda, Americans are favored since they are disposed to tip and often in more important amounts.

When it comes to Tipping while on a Tour with us, we have a diverse boldness than many others. We spot tipping, as a perquisite of remuneration.  It is the acknowledgment of an amenity that is above the customer. A gift, a tip is something given happily beyond responsibility. It is not according to a formula but a matter of heart identifying excellent amenities.

Tipping in Uganda like elsewhere in the world is not mandatory. Tips are not Tariffs. The Ugandan Tourism Ministry has never distributed a tipping tariff list though some Safari operators have.

Gratuities-Tipping while on a Safari in UgandaWe advise you to use common sense. Your Driver-Guide will be your finest tipping adviser. We believe in Tipping and know Tipping Influences Lives. At the same time, we think that Tipping is the Decision of the Tipper. Tipping is never mandatory. There is no such thing as the slightest Tip it becomes a charge no matter what it might be called.

Spot yourself as an Ambassador of your Country. If you Tip, give it with honesty. Tips, Gratuities will make a transformation in the lives of Ugandans that you will meet on your Tour. It is not the extent of the Tip, Gratuity that you leave behind; it is the essence to which it is given.

Tip in Ugandan Shillings:

Use no Foreign Coins, that is a definite no. It is too stiff to alter small foreign coins or bills into Shillings. Tip in Ugandan Shillings since the person getting the Tip can use it at once rather than transfiguring it from dollars into shillings.

Use your Driver-Guide for Tipping Advice:

Gratuities-Tipping while on a Safari in UgandaThe driver knows Uganda. He knows what is preferred when it comes to Tipping, and he will offer you a common-sense recommendation. Let your Driver-Guide be your Tip-guider/master, who holds the tips for Gorilla Treks, Chimpanzee Treks, Hikes & Game Drives. He can organize the porter and their payment, involving a tip if you spot so fit.

The driver is the key to a brilliant Tour Involvement. His know-how and direction boost your time on your tour, whether short or long.

Tipping Impacts African Lives for the Good:

The Salaries and welfare for those in the Tourist Industry are better than what most Ugandans make. Young People mainly have a tough time finding work, whether they are skilled or not. In Uganda, Youth redundancy runs as high as 90%. Those that identify work in the Tourism Industry are privileged. The salaries are still comparatively low, hours are long. There is never enough for school fees, medical care, or even rent. Your tips make a transformation in some cases, authorizing someone to get a better education.

You can choose another Way of Tipping-We Handle the Tips:

Gratuities-Tipping while on a Safari in UgandaHere is a choice that is quite essential in Uganda’s Tourism. We involve Tips in the price of your Tour. We take all of the irritations of tipping out of the Tour equation. There will be no one standing around hinting about Tips.

If you like this option? Then let us know.




Tipping while on a Safari is like an investment in the future of a Ugandan man or woman.

In some cases, it is a form of empowerment. Some save their tips and participate in a home or a business of some kind. Or aid a family as a single mother. A tip is not mandatory, but treasured and put to work, it becomes a part of a brighter future for those to that you convey the Tip to.

Thank You for your generosity. The one receiving your tip/Gratuity will most likely use it wisely.

If you come from a non-tipping nation, put aside your lifestyle and leave a tip/gratuity for an excellent amenity given.