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Uganda in January   

Gorilla Trekking in January

The best time to trek Gorillas is during the dry seasons of June, July, August, September, December plus January to February. Here is less rainfall or even no rains at all & the conditions are good and favorable for Gorilla trekking. Most trekkers /tourists choose to travel during this season because of the dry weather and it is because of this that there is a high demand for the Gorilla permits at this time which are $1500 in Rwanda & $600 in Uganda which is the current price of Gorilla Permits. A Gorilla permit in Uganda is cheaper than that of Rwanda so this allows every trekker / tourist /visitor to meet his or her budget intending to go beyond the gorillas for different experiences. Still in this season its perfect to trek Gorillas because the mountain Gorillas are found in the temperate weathered regions with raised landscape, meaning the climate remains cool throughout the year making it perfect weather for length treks.

Remember in Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park, Gorilla Trekking activity is done year in and year out, whether dry or peak season and still wet or low season and both these National parks have gotten montane rain forests in them. Unless you do like the low seasons of the year (wet season), the Dry seasons or peak seasons are not only in December, but also include months like that run through June, July, August, September, December, January to February.

Throughout the year one can decide to Gorilla trek these gentle giants and you may decide to tour during the high season, but then you might find that it’s raining either in the morning or night, That’s why you are ever recommended to always wear long sleeved shirts, trousers, rain jackets or coats, waterproof boots and ponchos. And these you will as well see the rangers and guides wearing them like water proof boots. Carry with you water proof food pack as well, water proof camera protector and many other water proofs. The wet/low seasons begins in the months of March through may, October and November. These gentle giants (mountain Gorillas) can easily be trekked/tracked in the mountain Gorilla scope/radius because that season they are all over the place in search for plenty of food during the low seasons. December Gorilla Trekking activity is highly favored and boosted/liked by vacationists, holiday makers, travelers/trekkers/tourists and many more.

Bwindi  Impenetrable National Park is always open for Gorilla Trekking activity both year in and year out, but the best times highly considered to go are from the months of June – August & December – February besides there are more sunny, days at such times, the trailing in the forest are drier and less slippery, Mountain Gorillas are much easier to be trekked and also, your chance of a dry gorilla viewing experience is higher during these months compared to low seasons. This might result in an incredible, unforgettable experience/venture and photography because it will be much is so cloudy and the views are less remarkable.