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Uganda Gorilla Trek and Zanzibar safari

Gorilla trekking and Zanzibar

Travelling/Touring to see these gentle giants (mountain gorillas) has become an incredible dream for most of the Gorilla trackers/ travelers to countries like Uganda/Rwanda. Different people have rapidly gotten involved in gorilla tracking being a very unforgettable Experience which brings you in contact with these gentle giants in their natural habitats. And this has given morale to these travelers to push further like flying to Zanzibar, rest on the beaches after having had a Gorilla Trekking long trip in the countries mentioned above. In other wards after this incredible activity (Gorilla Trekking), visiting Zanzibar for a beach relaxation is the option not to be ignored

Gorilla Trekking Permit. 

A Combination of Gorilla trekking activity and Zanzibar will be very incredible not forgetting Gorilla permits in Uganda cost $600(Bwindi Impenetrable National Park) and effectively July 1st 2020 Uganda ‘s Gorilla Permit is increased to a cost of $700 per person and per trek, Rwanda’s Gorilla permit for Volcanoes National Park costs $1500 per person and always advised to purchase them early.

The Beauty therein Zanzibar

There are white beaches, enjoy the short trips (Excursions), test their local foods and clean waters. There is no Gorilla Trekking in Zanzibar, therefore all this is enjoyed after your Gorilla Trekking Experience done from either Uganda or Rwanda and mainly works for those with longer  tours/trips on/in African safaris,  like you may wish to do at least 3 Days Gorilla trekking in Uganda then after have a flight to Zanzibar.

How to Reach Zanzibar (Travel options) and the cost 

One will have a flight from Uganda (Entebbe international Airport to Zanzibar at a cost of from $250-$600 basing on which service operator you will have used, and these flights are there daily. In that case you could have the Gorilla Tour first in either Uganda or Rwanda then proceed to the Zanzibar beaches for extra enjoyment. Monumental Expeditions in Uganda does offer you Gorilla safari packages and as well help you organize Gorilla and Zanzibar safaris. Therefore, you can now Land in Uganda and do Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda/vice versa and enjoy yourself a life time experience. Safaris like 3 Days Gorilla Trekking in Uganda /Rwanda is the least number of days for you to have a Gorilla Trekking experience and then can spend the remaining time in Zanzibar enjoying the big five in Tanzania (African Lion, African Leopard, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros-these were the most sought after animals during hunts in the past

  • Wear long sleeved blouse(ladies) & long sleeved shirts (men)/Trousers

These can be in materials of either Khaki zip –up trousers or jeans and better off if you can get waterproof trousers. Now the long-ness of this blouse, shirt and trouser protects you from being pricked by thorns, anything that can scratch you, nettles or insect bites, the sun burning, tree branches, itchy plants, etc. And please do tack in your trousers to your hiking boots to avoid safari flies from entering you. Cotton garments are recommendable and my ladies please wear comfortable bras since the hike is tough.

By the way a little description of where you do this activity from, its landscape is slightly located on higher elevations, so this makes them rainy, wet, humid and cold especially at night, still while trekking you are not hiking on comfortable tracks but there are no trails sometimes or very small trails found, thorn pricks, nettles or insect bites (flies, soldier ants), coldness, therefore this is where it necessitates you to have the right wear gears as being mentioned below: –


  • Wear Water proof sturdy boots                                                                                                                                            Wear light weight and water proof hiking boots to avoid sliding off when the trails become slippery especially when it does rain, the boots should be comfortable, wear in good & thick socks for you, rubber boots or gum boots. These good hiking boots will give you good stability, balance, traction & support to your ankles.
  • Wear A Rain Jacket

Tourists are advised to carry wind proof and water proof rain jackets with hoods on them. This is so because Gorillas are trekked in rain forests, usually in morning hours, it might rain anytime it doesn’t matter whether dry season or not therefore rain jackets should come handy.

  • Wear Sturdy Gardening Gloves

Remember when moving it can tend to be slippery so you are forced to touch or get hold on something in the forest just in case such happens, so there itching plants, trees or even climbing trees-you may be harmed but to avoid that wear gloves. Still these gloves will protect you from harm of germs and other items which could scratch you.

  • Put on A Hat and Sun Glasses.

All you need is a wide brimmed hat which will protect your heads and neck from rain or the sun. In case you didn’t leave home with one buy on the way from any local craft market trust me you will be glad that you wore your hat.

Sun glasses with ultraviolet rays’ filter are advisable to protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays. And just in case one set of glasses falls off please move with at least 2 sets.