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Honeymoon Holidays Experience

Gorilla Trekking for Honeymoon

Gorilla Trekking for Honeymoon: Monumental Expeditions is one of the foremost Gorilla trekking operators in Uganda and Rwanda and modifies tours to fit client’s benefits, time and budget. As gorilla trekking specialists, Monumental Expeditions would like to encourage all planning their honeymoon to prepare for Gorilla trekking. This interesting activity (Gorilla trekking) on your honeymoon may boost your knowledge as this is an activity of a lifetime.

How to plan Gorilla Tracking on your honeymoon?

Complementing Gorilla trekking on your honeymoon is not something difficult as Monumental Expeditions is skilled in composing packages that can suit all that you need to accomplish during your honeymoon. We back up couples to book their Gorilla permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority. Gorilla permits are very imperative as they define whether you will have space on the trek or not. Once we have gotten your Gorilla permits, we will then recommend you on the Lodges where you will be staying, exclusive and luxury Hotels/lodges that will gratify your every need with world class services, a good selection of mouth-watering meals, rooms & cottages that provide you with eventual privacy on your Gorilla Trekking.

Actually the choice will rely on your budget and benefits. There are various places to stay both in Rwanda and Uganda and whichever country you decide to go to, we will be in the right spot to guide you on where to stay rendering to your benefits and budget. There is no getting rough on your Gorilla Trekking Honeymoon in the Pearl of Africa, No, but only contentment beyond your prospects. While planning to do this activity (Gorilla trekking) on your honeymoon, you also need to bear in mind the Transportation factor to and from, it’s a prerequisite. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda/ Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

Monumental Expeditions will power point to the benefits of flying or driving to and from these National Park. When you transfer like from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you get an opportunity to spot various features en route which you could have otherwise missed. If you take a flight, you will definitely save a lot of time spent on the road. Therefore, you will have enough time in the forest to get involved in various non-compulsory activities. For most of our Gorilla Honeymoon tours, we realized that it is paramount not to use off of the ledge safari packages but we plan what you wish and go beyond your prospects.

Gorilla Trekking tours for a Honeymoon.

Having alterations made for you, for your congratulatory period in Uganda, we can  involve a time for relaxation and chilling out along Lake Kivu in Rwanda, or Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda or even on an isolated hidden island on Lake Victoria. Only in Uganda can you spend 4 hrs with these gentle giants ‘family group in their Natural Habitats and also trek mountain Gorillas in 2 varying topographies/grounds-the Ridges & Valleys of Bwindi Impenetrable Natural forest and the Volcanoes of Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Romantics at Heart

Gorilla tour Honeymoons have been one of our spheres. What circles us apart is that we ourselves are Romantics at heart. We know what to improve to make your tour, one of a great festival, Exploration & Passion in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

Those interested in other several/various activities, Monumental Expeditions will recommend you on these various activities and sites to tour while in Uganda. We Hearten you to include Gorilla trekking on your honeymoon as indeed is an encounter of a life time. Monumental Expeditions is looking forward to co-operating with you on your honeymoon package