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Tanzania safari and Gorilla trekking Uganda.

Gorilla trekking and Tanzania safari

Gorilla Trekking is one of Africa’s greatest wildlife ventures/experiences and something we reflect to be an exclusive African venture.  It presents both mysteriously attractive and emotional moving experiences with these implausible countries and the splendid beings that dwell in them.

Mountain Gorillas -a genus known as Gorilla beringei beringei, can only be located in 3 countries in the world in East Africa. The wilderness of the Virunga highlands that lies within the Volcanoes National park in Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, and the Virunga National Park situated in the DRC. These parks are located roughly 48 km from each other, and as for Uganda and Rwanda they are easily reachable. There are about 1004 Mountain Gorillas outstanding in the world with a valued number of 400 residing in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda) found in East Africa.

Although trekking mountain gorillas can be directed all year round in Uganda & Rwanda, due to the wet seasons encountered by the national parks in which these gentle giants reside, ideal months to tour are from June -September as well as from December up to February. There is much of arrangement and training included in gorilla trekking tour and pre-booked permits are crucial

Tanzania is wealthy in Wild Game & has gotten the most Wildlife Famous park in Africa –Serengeti National Park whose boundless plains caring for millions of Wildebeest and Hundreds of Zebras & Thompson Gazelle, thousands of Elands, lions, Leopards, to mention but a few.

Apart from Serengeti National Park, Tanzania has other excessive Wildlife sites involving Lake Manyara National Park where you can spot tree climbing lions boom like those found in the Ishasha section of Queen Elizabeth National Park located in Uganda.

Tarangire National Park is another in Tanzania containing lovely/attractive Baobab trees & Ngorogoro Crater having around 250,000 huge animals and intact the World’s largest integral sleepy and vacant Volcanic Caldera.