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Photography in Gorilla Trekking

How to take photos of the Mountain Gorillas?


Under the dark canopy of Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda and overcast conditions of the Bamboo and short grass vegetation type in Rwanda, set your ISO relatively high (800-1600+) to preserve faster shutter speeds, in brighter conditions, you may be able to shoot portraits on a minimum of ISO 400                                                                How you can have good photos of Gorillas.

  • Have a manual camera since flashy photos are not allowed to be made or taken when with the Gorillas. This helps you to disable automatically the flash and the automatic focus light functions.
  • Equip yourself with a wide angled, zoom /fixed focal length lens.
  • Pack more than one camera body because this will help you have a quick change of lenses as you take photos of Gorillas while moving.
  • Since you will be close to the mountain Gorillas, shooting a video will be easy so take a personal DVD recorder with you.
  • Keep your gadgets in a waterproof & zip lock bag like the phone, camera, etc. Photos of Gorillas taken in the low light of the forest can appear a bit underexposed.

    Gorilla Trekking Shoes

    Wear Water proof sturdy boots, wear light weight and water proof hiking boots to avoid sliding off when the trails become slippery especially when it does rain, the boots should be comfortable, wear in good & thick socks for you, rubber boots or gum boots. These good hiking boots will give you good stability, balance, traction & support to your ankles. You can as well tuck in your pair of trousers into your socks in order to protect yourself against insects such as antsThe Plus about Wellies – Rubber BootsThese help cover up almost your knees, they are easy to clean and give you traction if they have soles with treads under them, most Trekkers use them and some travelers have also begun on using them because they did not bring the right Footwear.

    Gorilla Trekking Duration

    Gorilla Trekking takes place 365 days of the year, rain or shine. The best time for Gorilla Permits is during the off-season months. The Gorilla trekking activity itself may take about 30 minutes or three quarters of the day but once you find Mountain Gorillas, you are strictly allowed to spend only 1 hr with them.