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Enchanted Uganda safari

Enchanted Uganda safari

Basing on different views from different tourists/travelers to Uganda (Pearl of Africa), I can clearly declare that all Uganda safaris are quite remarkable & Enchanted. An enchanted Uganda safari is a comprehensive plan for you to explore more about Uganda-the pearl of Africa. Uganda is tremendously proceeding on being one of the finest and best tourist hubs in Africa and several travelers deluge the National Park of Uganda every dry season year throughout. Most probably Uganda as a destination is accredited to the wealthy biodiversity displayed in the different national parks around the country. Uganda is ranking highly among the naturally diverse countries on the African continent when it comes to wildlife species thriving in the country side natural territories and of which some are widely spread to Uganda only.

Apart from the wild animals, the is a lovely display of the awesome backdrop/landscape. The extensive plateau Savannah is stalking grounds for the lions in the National parks of Uganda. The rivers do participate as clique up places for wildlife animals during the peak season. But then most of the forest space in Uganda does shelter most of the primate species involving mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Kibale National Park for the Chimpanzees, among others. Despite the Global variations, Uganda has achieved keeping the balance in its biodiversity, the wildlife preservation organisations in Uganda have acted to this big time, making sure that wildlife in Uganda is viable and gradually growing.

Top destinations for an Enchanted Uganda safari

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

It is because of this National Park and what it shelters the mountain Gorillas that keeps on causing an overflow of tourists/travelers to Uganda and with this treasure, it has definitely made Bwindi Impenetrable one of the top destinations in Uganda and the entire African continent. It’s evident that there are other destinations in Africa where these gorillas are located like Rwanda DR Congo, but then Bwindi Impenetrable is highly recommendable for all your gorilla trekking safaris. This National Park does shelter approximately half of the world’s gorilla populace, some of which are familiarized/habituated to give you one of the best and fine enchanting experiences of your Uganda safari. If you love to have more time with these gentle giants, then you can go for an extensive Gorilla Habituation Experience where you get an opportunity to study them and get them into the process of being familiarized/habituated. In-order to avoid getting disappointed at the last minute please do book a little bit earlier for your mountain gorilla trekking-3 months in advance.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Your Enchanted Uganda safari is considered golden only if you have engaged and gotten involved in any activity but within/in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is the 2nd largest National Park among the 10 National parks in Uganda and also still the most toured for all the Ugandan safaris, year in, year out. Now the incredible biodiversity of this National Park makes it a real deal for any Uganda safari you can figure out and think of as well in getting involved in in Uganda-pearl of Africa. Queen Elizabeth biodiversity is sustained by the fact that the park has gotten a series of ecosystems and natural territories that curl the development of the wild species and desired for the overview of new species. Remember Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the imperative World Heritage sites in Africa. This park is characterized with attractions like the energetic and infrequent tree climbing lions at the Ishasha section of this park, an opportunity to prodigy at the incredible world of Kyambura gorge that shelters a playful populace of Chimpanzees of which most of them are habituated, a tropical rain forest band in the huge semi -arid savannah. The enchanted Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth does grant you a chance to glimpse during the Kazinga channel launch cruise where you get to sight all the wildlife diversity of the park, at the water edge most especially during the peak season. Not only that but you can still enjoy the Katwe Salt Lake tour, community tours in the Kisenyi fishing village, and more other interesting regions/sections of your Enchanted Uganda safari in this park(QENP).

Murchison falls National Park

This park is highly recognized for its thunderous falls of Africa, characterized as the largest National Park,2nd highly toured and by the way the oldest as well among the 10 National parks. Uganda safari in Murchison falls National Park has to be enchanted/enthralled with stories from the History about the prime minister of England –Winston Churchill, who declared Uganda to be the Pearl of Africa. The thunderous falls-hiking on top of the falls marks the high-point of panoramas here. This park is also an option for you to relish the different animals involving the Big-five (Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos). Despite the fact that Rhinos got destroyed from Uganda, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is near Murchison Falls National Park and it’s the only way for you to relish the Big-Five Uganda safari. Not only that Murchison Falls also features the most luxurious/expensive lodge called Chobe which attracts or pulls all the international celebrity/famous travelers to Uganda. Still you can relish the tracking of lions in Buligi game tracks, viewing of Elephants, Giraffes, and birds like the great Shoebill stork, etc.

Other destinations for an Enchanted safari in Uganda

We have gotten Lake Mburo National Park which favors the activity of Horseback riding, cycling Kidepo valley National Park for the most enchanted walking tours, the marathon primate walks in the Kibale National Park Plus Golden monkey tracking safaris that occurs in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, etc. But still more you could gravy your Enchanted Uganda safari by getting involved in the city safaris like Jinja city tour, Kampala sun city tour, Entebbe city trip, Ngamba Island tour, etc.