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Chimpanzee trekking in Congo

Congo chimpanzee trekking

This is another primate activity that you can complement on your Congo safari in addition to the mountain Gorilla trekking in the Virunga national park. DR Congo is an ironic and undiscovered country with a plentiful of tourism aptitudes waiting to be explored by you. While you still stare at the amazing Nyiragongo volcano in the Virunga national park, the chimpanzee trekking is yet another improbable activity steered inside the wildlife ridiculous Congo forests. Chimpanzees in the DR Congo are positioned in different places dispersed on the eastern side of the country, some of them are noticed in Kahuzi beiga national park where they reside peacefully with the lowland gorillas. Still more you can locate chimpanzees in Mahura forest with in the Virunga national park and it will not make you wonder when you spot mountain gorillas residing in the highlands of Virunga series.

There are several subspecies of the chimpanzees in Congo and other places of Africa and these involve the Robust chimpanzees, Bonobo chimpanzees, well these are considered the most common. Conversely there are some other chimpanzee species indifferent forest in Africa and some of these endangered species are christened/named depending on the area/location where they come from such as the west Africa chimpanzees.

Conversely, the most common chimpanzees of DR Congo do feed on fruits but then very selective on which fruits to feed on. Chimpanzees do fancy ripen fruits and they are usually based around the fruit trees in the forest during the fruit evolving season. Not on fruits but still chimpanzees do fodder on leaves, stems, seeds, tree barks, pith, etc. But then let it not beat your understanding when you spot a chimpanzee holding a mangoose dead, also do kill on the small forest animals such as the rodents.

Chimpanzee trekking in Congo

Depending on the different journals, DR Congo does shelter about half of the world’s chimpanzee populace. It is this vast populace of chimpanzees that keeps tourists diverging off to Congo for chimpanzee trekking. Another chimpanzee destination in Congo is the Virunga national park which shelters about 32 habituated chimpanzees in the forest living mostly in Mahura forest which is positioned in the northern section of Virunga national park and still where the Virunga national park head offices located in Rumangabo.

Several chimpanzees in Mahura forest within Virunga national park have been familiarized for touring. Once you tour Virunga national park you can also combine with the chimpanzee familiarizing group. Virunga national park chimpanzee trekking does grant you an opportunity to spot a lot of other several forest animals such the mountain gorillas, blue colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, and luckily enough the pygmy monkeys of the Eastern Congo forest. Chimpanzee trekking in this park begins in the morning at around 6:00 am, with only a total of 6 members permitted to trek for 1 hr to inter-relate with the familiarized chimpanzees of the Mahura forest in the National park. When inter-relating with these endangered species(Chimpanzees) in Congo, you grab an opportunity to find out more about their life style, their way of living, behaviours, how and what they feed on, copulation, etc.

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is another place in Congo where you can trace chimpanzees, which is positioned in the south eastern part of the country. Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is near the town of Bukavu within the country and this sanctuary presents you time to spot the freed chimpanzees which are preserved here in the recuperation programs. In this sanctuary there resides a total of over 80 chimpanzees which are ready to be toured by tourists/travelers to the democratic republic of Congo.

You can still go to Jeunes Animaux confisques au Katanga for chimpanzees safaris. This place is positioned in the central part of DR Congo in the city known as Lubumbashi. Jeunes Animaux confisques au Katanga shelters a total of about 30 chimpanzees that are young,17 mature females plus 18 chimpanzees that are male. These chimpanzees that are in this place are gathered from different parts of Congo and others rescued from the hands of the rustlers in the eastern side of the DR Congo, and then the remaining from market areas being purchased as pets & domestic animals to meat diners.

What to pack for Chimpanzee trekking in Congo?

First and fore-most you shouldn’t forget to carry your documents like the Visa, permits yellow card certificate, etc. This helps you save time at the border in case there are precincts/limitations at the boundary entry points in Congo.

Carry and pack gears like the rubber boots that are fit to hike in the forest, enough clothes to merge in the Jungle, a camera for you to take photos of the chimpanzees and a lot more that you might spot in the forest. A pair of binoculars which will enable you sight birds in a distant position, Rain coat, drinking water, insect repellent plus a fruit bar fir your late breakfast.

Apart from trekking chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are other several activities one can get engaged in in this country like mountain gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo hike ventures, cultural encounters, mikeno mist tours, birding with in the Virunga national park to mention but a few.