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Bukavu town, Congo

Bukavu town, Congo

Bukavu is one of the most beautiful cities in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, located on the western shores of Lake Kivu and bordering Rwanda to the west. Historically, the town was controlled by the Bushi kingdom, an ethnic group from the southern Kivu region. Later, the town was renamed Bukavu, which means “cow farm.”

Bukavu town has a subtropical temperature and is strategically placed near the Rusizi River, which drew the colonial population due to the attractive location of Lake Kivu. Bukavu was founded on five peninsulas or fingers and served as the former administrative center for Kivu province until losing favor owing to the rise of Goma. The five peninsulas extend towards Lake Kivu, and Bukavu city is separated from Rwanda by the Rusizi River.


Why should you go to Bukavu?

Bukavu town is 40 kilometers from Kahuzi Biega national park, therefore it can serve as a center for people interested in hiking eastern lowland gorillas owing to its proximity to the park. Bukavu town is home to a variety of safari lodges that visitors to Kahuzi Biega national park for gorilla trekking adventures may utilize on a safari, including the Coco Lodge, Lakeside Hotel Bukavu, and Exodus Bukavu Lodge, among others.

Travelers can base themselves in Kivu town to explore Lake Kivu, the second biggest lake in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is home to the Inland Islands known as Idjwi Island, which give magnificent beauty to all visitors to Bukavu town. Kayaking adventures on the five peninsulas reaching to Lake Kivu are also available to visitors staying in Bukavu town.

In summary, there are three top attractions in Bukavu town: Kahuzi Biega national park, which is famous for being the home of eastern lowland gorillas in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Lake Kivu, which harbors Idjwi inland island in DR-Congo, and Vacation rental/accommodation facilities in Auckland, though the town also has a lot to offer on a safari to DR-Congo.