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Best tipping guide for a Uganda safari

Tipping on a Uganda Safari

Tipping on a Uganda Safari is good and one way of showing your gratitude towards the amenities offered to you by the amenity providers via your safari expedition in Uganda (pearl of Africa). In Uganda tipping is a generous act but not compulsory /mandatory to leave a tip. But then it is the finest act to outspread a chain of love to those who provided services to you during your Uganda safari. Now the tip-that extra money is a huge act of a big heart to some people in Uganda and it does help them to enhance their salary.

Several service/amenity providers in different areas/places like restaurants, Hotels, safari lodges and other places are always tipped by most travelers to Uganda. Not forgetting the safari drivers, wardens in National Parks, safari guides, gatekeepers, potters and so many others, all those who make it possible for these travelers to have a good time, marvellous experience while on their safaris in Uganda. And trust me this is an overwhelming blessing that you leave behind to all these people that you do tip during your Uganda safari.

Tipping in Uganda is really not a bad deal compared to western countries & Europe. So in the pearl of Africa it is considered as a thoughtful act /gesture done by a grateful /thankful traveler and I assume it’s the same for other East African countries as well. With the progress in the tourism industry, tipping the vibrant service providers during the Uganda safari is becoming/turning out to be a custom for the international travelers and also the indigenous people, so for one reason or the other, a few service providers have taken on the act to believe that now tipping is obligatory. Still more it is that now Hotels, safari operators have gone ahead and print out forms/formulas in envelopes outlining things on which to tip but then let’s not forget that tipping for perquisite than just a decree.

When and how to Tip during your Uganda safari Expedition

Well places where tipping is probable involve restaurants, hotels, safari lodges and so no, but then it does really matter much as you have cleared your entire bill, but still 10% saved for good service that has been offered to you in an honesty way by someone-there a tip is needed. However, nothing whatsoever breaks you from giving more basing on how you found the service offered to you. National Parks safari drivers are given and still do expect an amount ranging in between $10-$20 per day, per guest /group of visitors. On the other hand, a porter does get $5-$10 as tip a day. Other people /service providers tipped by these travelers include waiters & waitresses, room service ladies, chefs, bar attendants, plus the hotel/lodge as a whole. Therefore, there is no problem with tipping in Uganda-no jeopardy in doing it anyway.

In some restaurants/hotels, tipping is not tolerable to be given physically to the person but instead dropped I n the tipping box there is positioned at the entrance/the reception so that you can drop you tip for anyone at any time. But to some if you find this rambling then you can go right ahead and give it to the person individually /physically who has served you and taken good care of you all throughout you Uganda safari like the lady/gentleman who could have served you. More so you should also be aware that shirking a tip box and passing a staff tip is sometimes not cherished by the mangers of the hotels or any other lodge.

Who to tip on a Uganda safari?

Well then it’s not in your position to tip everybody on a Uganda safari, No, there are specific people you can tip, but then still there is no hard feelings if you woke up and want to tip anybody on a Uganda safari but it is far much better if you get to know whom to tip so you should prioritize on that one when tipping on a Uganda safari.

  • Safari drivers and safari guides because these two are your key for your safari to happen, so if you are targeting whom to tip it has definitely gotten to be on your list. Despite the significance of a safari drive but the safari guide is the most important figure for your Uganda safari experience and so it is really wonderful if you tip your safari driver distinctly.
  • Hotel and lodge amenity providers. During you tour /Uganda safari it is very good if you tipped all those service providers in all the accommodation facilities you could have visited. These people could involve waiters, waitresses, chefs, housekeepers plus the maintenance crew at large.
  • Rangers, porters, and trackers is another group you can’t forget when tipping. If you are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for Gorilla trek, these trackers do a clean job to enable you reach the right Gorilla community and this does also apply to Kibale National Park when it comes to Chimpanzee trekking. Still these rangers make it their responsibility to keep you safe while on your Uganda safari.
  • Many local children especially street kids attempt to get tips from the so called ‘Bazungu’when passing through town. So it is a charity gesture give tips to these kids along the road. Another way is that these kids try to sell you fruits like oranges, bananas and so on, also will attempt to say hello to you in English so that you can be able to tip them.

How to tip on while on a Uganda Safari

Tipping in Uganda is valued and respected, cherished unlike in the other countries like America plus other western countries. So tipping act here (Uganda) is not the same way done in other countries. In order for the tipping act to go well for you in any National Parks, here are few things you have gotten to consider.

  • In case you are to tip anybody on Uganda safari make sure you don’t over stress/embellish tips to service providers. If you do tip a lot of money and while doing it in public places, around the city, you are most likely to be robbed.
  • Make sure the currency in which you are tipping is Ugandan shillings because not most of the local people know the dollar bill and how to use it anyway. So while tipping on your Uganda safari make sure you have Ugandan currency.
  • Since it is a genuine gesture and straight from the heart, please only tip if you have. It also necessitates you to make remarks if the service was poor/badly offered to you or supplement if was wonderfully provided in order to advance service providers capability/ability and development of the tourism industry.
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