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Best time to visit Kidepo valley national park

Visiting Kidepo Valley National Park

Best time to visit Kidepo valley national park


The Kidepo Valley National Park is available to visitors and tourists almost all year. The best time to come, though, is from September to March, when it is dry and easier to see animals.

The worst months for animal watching are April and May when the rains are at their worst. The trails and tracks are muddy and slippery at this time of year, making it difficult to see wildlife. Briefly:

The ideal months to visit are September through March.

The peak season lasts from September through March.

April and May are the months with the lowest temperatures (some camps and lodges may even be closed)

The months of September, October, and November have the best weather.

The hardest weather occurs from December through February ( The park is very hot and very dusty during this time)

The dry season lasts from September to March in north-eastern Uganda, where the park is located. These months are hot and dry, making them ideal for animal viewing. But, the months of December to February are too dry and dusty to really enjoy game drives.

Many of the water sources have dried up, therefore it is common to find animals congregating around available water sources or looking for water. During the summer months, permanent water sources in the park may be found in the marshes and in the southern Narus valley. The majority of these are little puddles of leftover water.

It can become quite cloudy at times, making it difficult to see well.

It’s also a wonderful time to visit because there aren’t many mosquitos around if any at all.

The rainy season

The rainy season in this part of Uganda lasts from April to August. Yet, the rain is minimal and does not interfere with game-watching.

Although the dry season provides the finest wildlife and gaming chances, there are still animal-watching opportunities during this time of year, and the heat is not as terrible as it is during the dry season.

It is the finest season to go bird watching in the park because there are many migrating birds as well as resident species.

This season also brings with it lovely, verdant landscapes.

Kidepo Valley National Park recently voted the third finest national park in Africa, is a real representation of African wildness. Its craggy topography and semi-arid valleys provide it with a rough-hewn beauty unlike found anyplace else. It is the ideal location for an authentic African safari in Uganda.