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The answer is yes it is safe to do Gorilla Trekking activities in Uganda. Tracking to spot these Gentle Giants in Uganda is totally not disturbed. The safety of Uganda for Gorilla Trekking activity has been a great concern for a number of trekkers in the current days, Nevertheless, we happily reassure you all trekkers/tourists coming to Gorilla Safaris/tours in Uganda (Pearl of Africa) that it is totally safe and this activity is well practiced, performed and done (Gorilla Trekking).

In the last many years, Uganda has not gotten any Gorilla Traveling errors/faults/blunders, which that alone assures trekkers of their safety in the dark dense forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The link of security forces of the military, Tourism police, and Armed Rangers assure trekkers/tourists of their endless safety during their Gorilla Safaris in Uganda. The comfortability, safety, and Certainty of Trackers/Trekkers spotting Mountain Gorillas is a great concern for all Tourism, Conservation, and Gorilla admirers in Uganda.

Definitely, Gorilla Safaris/Trips are Uganda’s number 1huge investments, which participates so highly to the Development of the country economically. Therefore, both the Government and all people interested, do whatever it takes to make this incredible activity (Gorilla Trekking) as safe as possible. The Cost of Gorilla permits in Uganda is $700 per person per day and spending 1hr with these Gentle giants is the most outstanding business so far Uganda can ever have and be involved in and with.

Most of the guides in these Gorilla habitats are previously poachers (illegally hunting and capturing animals) who resorted to conserving and fighting any crimes committed against these Mountain Gorillas. In Uganda Gorilla Tourism and Conservation are leading in our economy therefore tourist/trekkers’ safety is very paramount and has become everyone’s concern.

How is safety guaranteed?

There have been several measures put in place to ensure trekkers/tourists are able to spot Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla National park’s safety. And these are mentioned below -No trekker is allowed to long walk/hike in the dark dense and deep forest of Bwindi or any other Gorilla Natural habitat in Uganda without an armed escort/another person accompanying you for protection.

One guide leads the group and the other 1 follows from the back of the group. Usually, the Hiking speed is determined by the lowest person in the group and that at which the guides move. The purpose of the guns that are with the guides is basically to scare off the wild animals just in case they want to make an attack on the group. They shoot up in the sky to despatch them and chase them away (wild animals) in the forest. -Trekkers are advised to obey all rules and regulations as briefed by their guides.

And among these Gorilla trekking rules there include keeping a distance of 7m away from these Gentle giants, keeping a low talk tone, avoiding taking flashy photos while with the Gorillas, and crouching down submissively just in case the silverback charges.

Tourism police were introduced by the Government of Uganda in all National Parks apart from having the National Park Rangers. Their role (Uganda tourism police) is to watch all the parks day and night making certain that no existence of rebel groups and other criminals in the hiding in the park. At certain points, the police camp deep in the jungle to ensure travelers are very safe. If you are tracking gorillas and come across army men, do not fear them, they are there to protect you.