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After gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the best places to visit and safari activities to try.

After gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the best places to visit and safari activities to try.

Visiting Rwanda isn’t only about gorilla trekking; there are plenty of other exciting safari activities to do as well. After gorilla trekking, however, gorilla trekking remains the finest safari experience that can only be had in the wild and not in a zoo. Gorillas are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Visitors may additionally extend their stay and visit the following locations.

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

National Park Nyungwe Forest

The Nyungwe Forest National Park, located in southwestern Rwanda, is Africa’s oldest and biggest tropical rainforest. The forest is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, which provides visitors with unforgettable experiences. Visiting its forests is unquestionable because there is so much to offer. Among the many safari activities that enrich tourists’ experiences in the Land of a Thousand Hills are the following:

Primate safaris; in addition to gorillas, the forest is home to a large number of chimps. Primate enthusiasts will be able to go chimp trekking as well as witness the Greg cheeked manga bey and colobus monkeys. The chimps may only be seen by a maximum of 8 persons per day for one hour from the moment you first see them.


Trekking; the Virunga mountain range has over eight volcanoes, five of which are in Rwanda. Hiking in Rwanda is usually done on Mt. Bisoke and Mt. Karisimbi.


Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located in the northeastern section of Rwanda, bordering Tanzania. The park has an area of approximately 1,122 km2. The park is around 135 kilometers from Kigali town and takes approximately two and a half hours to reach. A visit to Akagera National Park will introduce you to some of the park’s highlights, such as the lake. Ihema is the savanna flora home to a wide range of animal species. Elephants, buffalos, antelopes such as the oribi, topi, eland, water backs, and many more, as well as zebras, have been observed in the savannah park. Giraffes, leopards, and spotted hyenas may also be seen throughout the park. The park also has over 525 documented bird species, the most frequent of which is the shoebill stock, 44 kinds of raptors, and Albertine endemics such as the sunbird. Bee-eater in black. Rwenzori, African golden oriole, thick-billed seedeater, and a variety of other species.


A city tour of Kigali

Kigali city is one of the top tourist attractions in Rwanda that any visitor should not miss following the most famous activity, gorilla trekking. Kigali is the first stop for all visitors entering Rwanda. The United Nations named Kigali one of the most tranquil and clean cities in East Africa. The city’s great weather also makes it appealing to visitors. The Arts Center, Ivuka Arts Center, Museum of National History, the Presidential Museum (where Rwanda’s president perished during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide), the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, State House Museum, and the Miyo Art Gallery are among the best locations to visit in the city. For moviegoers, Kigali multiplex cinemas and others provide 5-D movies.


Musanze caverns are located in Musanze, near the national park of volcanoes. The caverns were formed as a result of volcanic activity in East Africa’s rift valley. The cave has become one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit following your gorilla hike.


Lake Kivu is a famous Gisenyi resort. Kivu is one of Rwanda’s largest lakes and provides a variety of activities to visitors. After a hard day of gorilla trekking, you can unwind by visiting Lake Kivu and enjoying the lovely beach and some of the water sports activities. Lake Kivu is about a two-hour drive from the Rwanda Gorilla trekking headquarters.


Communal strolls

which you will visit various villages around the park that will showcase cultural events like traditional dances, performances, and art and craft, and you will also learn about the diverse traditional ways of life of people living in the countryside.


Bird-watching activities in the Virunga mountains with many bird species to see, this location is ideal for bird watchers to take an evening walk around the marshes and paths in the forest where they will have the opportunity to observe many bird species.

After gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the best places to visit and safari activities to try.

You may also take a guided walk with your tour guide/ranger and visit the cemetery of the famed primatologist Dian Fossey, who spent her life attempting to save gorillas, as well as witness the graves of some of the gorillas she studied up until her death during the Rwanda Genocide.


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