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What To Wear On A Safari In Uganda.

What to wear on a safari in Uganda.

safari clothing in Uganda

Uganda Safaris simply are treks/trips made in Uganda and always outstanding questions like what is really needed and recommended of us to wear once on these various expeditions is crucial. This question definitely crosses our minds(tourists) most especially those ought to trek Gorillas, Chimpanzees, go through the jungles and so on. What can I wear on my Uganda safari? Well here are a few tips on  what to wear.

Bearing in mind that temperatures in Uganda are ever stable year in year out and in various areas of the country it hardly falls below 20℃.If you were to base on this detail light clothing like shorts, light pants, skirts-shirts are with time enough. For purposes of culture here let it please be at least below the knee. Long sleeved shirts, long pants for purposes of protecting yourself from the mosquito bites as well as the cool weather in the evenings. We can go on and on if it’s this case of our own timing and doing but it comes to what to wear on a Safari here tables do change as below: –

What to wear once going to a higher Altitude

When going for Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or tour Lake Bunyonyi, there is an exception in temperatures, they can easily drip and it becomes typically cold therefore you are advised to wear at least long pants, long sleeved shirts, sweater/jacket/warmer just in case it does rain. This is important especially in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park since tropical rain forests therein which receive rain amounts at any time and get all well covered.

When Tracking(Gorillas /Chimpanzees)

Since it is also a jungle for trekkers it prevents you from the insect bites, bugs sticky plants that could stick and also scratch your body. Bring along light hiking boots to be able to trek without any problems, wear your sturdy gloves, wear long enough socks where you will tuck your pants inside them of which this doing safe guards you from the safari ants.

A good safari head hut will do to protect you from direct sun shine burning, sun rays as well as you need the sun glasses especially during the dry season if you have engaged yourself on a game drive, hiking, or on a forest walk.

You are still advised to wear clothes that are dull colored like grey, kaki, brown which are eco-friendly and never draw insects like tsetse flies towards you which may later bit you as on your search for the incredible gorillas.

Pack some other good and relaxing clothes like shorts, light clothing which you will wear once back at your lodge/hotel after may be your long Game drive venture, after either the Chimpanzee tracking activity or Gorilla trekking venture, which in most cases take long hours and too tiring to some extent, to mention but a few of which will necessitate you to get some rest.

Not only that but still since most of these destinations have gotten lodges within them, therefore facilities like swimming are at your disposal, restaurant and bars exist and so most tourists enjoy their leisure time while on their Uganda safari. Of which this requires you to wear wonderfully-that’s when light, shorts, short-skirts come in.

A final tip on what to wear on safari in Uganda

Don’t carry /pack too many clothing because there is a variety of hand-made crafts around the area, you might admire, that you could be able to purchase along or on your expedition, so you might want to have some space and even real put on that same you have purchased.