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When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

When is the best time to visit Tanzania? | Tanzania safari 

Many visitors inquire about the best time to visit Tanzania. The answer is… there is no correct response. It is determined by what you like to see, where you wish to travel, your budget, and your interests. Every season offers advantages and disadvantages.

Some tourists prefer to visit Tanzania during the dry season, when the roads are better, it doesn’t rain, and there are more wild creatures to view. However, the rates will be greater, as will the number of visitors around you. Others are alright with a little rain and prefer to visit during the rainy season, when they may view more birds and beautiful nature at a lower cost and with fewer tourists.

We have compiled a list of all pros in Tanzania’s dry and wet seasons. We hope it will assist you in making your decision. Everyone is unique, and there is no right or wrong answer. Tanzania Travel is wonderful all year!


The dry season

The dry season lasts from June to October, and it also lasts from December to March. The dry months of June through October are the most popular for a safari in Tanzania.  The benefits of travelling during the dry season include:


Wildlife congregates near rivers and waterholes (making it easier to detect them).

Pleasant temps of 25-27 degrees Celsius (sunny and no rain)

The months of July and August are ideal for viewing the wildebeest migration and dramatic river crossings.

There are less mosquitos.

The roads are better, and game drives are more enjoyable. This is the best time to explore the southern parks. Northern parks are open all year.

Clear clear skies and cool temperatures from the evening through the early morning

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the dry season.


The wet season

The wet season (also known as the rainy season) lasts from October to December and March to June. The benefits of travelling during the rainy season include:

Nature is colourful (blooming flowers, a lush forest, and green grass).

North Tanzania’s parks provide excellent animal watching all year.

From January through February, the southern Serengeti experiences calving, which draws a huge number of predators.

Birding at its finest

The game is in fine working order.

Lower prices make it a more affordable safari.

Parks are less congested, providing a more personal safari experience.


Tanzania has three seasons: low, mid, and high.

Tanzania has three distinct vacation seasons:

High season is from January to February, and from June through October and December. Because this is the busiest season for tourists, hotels charge the highest rates. From December 22nd to January 10th, certain hotels impose a peak rate.

Mid-season: March 1st to December 21st.

April and May are shoulder months. Because this is the least popular season, hotels charge the lowest prices.