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Uganda’s Endemic Species

Uganda’s Endemic Species stems from her natural demeanor, her wonderfully matched physical characteristics, and, most importantly, her adorable animals. From the moment you get off the plane at Entebbe International Airport, you have the impression that this region has been endowed with a special type of riches.

Uganda is undoubtedly the place of choice for your well-deserved holiday or safari, with its lush rural plains and historic steep ridged to free-flowing streams and friendly hospitable people. Join Kings Safaris as you visit incredible locations like as the Nile’s source, the Rwenzori Mountain range, and Lake Victoria, among many more.Uganda’s Endemic Species

When it comes to wildlife, Uganda is especially rich in a diverse range of animals and birds that serve as the highlight of many safaris. The diversity is mind-boggling, to the point that you will come across species that do not exist anyplace else on the planet.

So, when you plan your Uganda safari trips or wildlife safari here, make a point of seeing these rare animals that you may never see anywhere else.



Rwenzori Shaggy rat

Kityo’s Serotine

Ugandan lowland shrew

Nkozi (or Ssese) island Sitatunga

Rwenzori Duiker



Fox’s weaver

Karamoja Apalis



Tolley’s Forest Chameleone

Acuminate Bush Viper

Lolui Island Skink



Lake Victoria toad

Roux’s Puddle Frog

Monokid catfish

Elephant catfish

Rwenzori barb


Endemism from the Albertine Rift

These species are found in the montane forests of the rift valley between Lake Tanganyika and Lake Albert. Some of these species include:

Shelly’s crimson wing

Rwenzori batis

Blue headed sunbird

Red faced woodland warbler

Stripe breasted tit

Neumann’s warbler

Kivu ground thrush

Red throated alethe

Mountain Gorillas

Golden Monkeys

Rwenzori Colobus

African green broadbill

Rwenzori Turaco

Congo bay owl

Grauer’s cuckoo-shrike

Handsome Francolin

Dwarf otter shrew

Archer’s robin chat

Dwarf Honeyguide


Where to find Uganda’s Endemic Species

Rwenzori mountains national park

The Ruwenzori Mountain range, located in southern Uganda on the boundary of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of the most picturesque sites in Uganda. It has beautiful landscapes with montane, forest, and alpine vegetation. This mountain range’s valleys are replenished by pure streams, and its peaks are adorned with gleaming glaciers and snow.

The Rwenzori Mountains are ideal for observing Albert indigenous species, including birds like as the Rwenzori Turaco and Rwenzori Batis, as well as mammals such as the Rwenzori duiker and Rwenzori Shaggy rat. The natural woodlands provide an ideal environment for a wide variety of butterflies, reptiles, and vegetation.


Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

This old woodland is one of the world’s most diversified. It is home to a diverse assortment of flora and animals, including the coveted Mountain Gorillas. The forest spreads throughout the DRC and is ideal for catching Albert unique species as well as a diverse assortment of birds.


Kibale forest national park

Because of its location within the Albertine rift, it is ideal for identifying a variety of endemics. The park also has a diverse primate population, including chimps and golden monkeys. On your wildlife excursion, you will also see some unusual plants, butterflies, and reptiles.


Mgahinga gorilla national park

This park is Uganda’s only other place to see Mountain Gorillas. It is situated near the foothills of the Virunga Mountain range, which extends into the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. The alpine forest here supports a variety of rare plants and fauna.


Kidepo valley national park

Kidepo Valley National Park, located in northern Uganda, is ideal for seeing rare animals. Several endemics, like the Karamoja Apalis, as well as numerous almost endemic species, may be found here. The park’s solitude also allows for quiet and leisurely trips.