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Uganda self drive safari.

Uganda Safari self drive

Uganda is a land filled with a wonderful total of Safari/tour destinations, exciting, beauty in all its regions making it a popular Africa safari destination for travelers/tourists from all over the world. All come with an aim of knowing and exploring Uganda and there are several ways you can do that, dipping yourself into Uganda’s beauty but amongst them is by driving yourself around /be transferred in a car in good conditions.

Why Uganda Safari Self drive

This way it is more efficient for the traveler because it’s about you, total comfort zone, the concentration is not split into in terms of the Uganda Safari attractions/the guide but rather focused on what you want to spot.

You can also venture /explore Uganda at your own pace, now this is the best way to experience this Pearl of Africa. Like driving around Kampala if it’s a Kampala safari/to another safari destination.

Best cars to use on your Uganda Safari Self Drive

Uganda Safari Self Drive is worth it if only they car you are driving /using is comfortable and in good condition fit for your transferring to your safari destination. Here are some of the cars recommended that could suite your safari.

4*4 land Cruiser

4*4 Safari Jeeps

4*4 Safari Minivan

4*4 Safari Minibus, etc.

Companies to consider for what cars to Use-Uganda Safari Self Drive

There are several companies that offer such services but contact Monumental Expeditions for your Uganda Safari Self Drive because we have dependable self-drive car rentals ranging from 4*4 safari car hire, ordinary 4*4 car hire Uganda vehicles for usual trips in Uganda.

We also have professional ordinary drivers & driver guides who are hired still with the vehicles for those travelers who are not interested in self-drive and those who don’t fancy driving themselves. These drivers can transfer you to any destination of your choice, they are experienced & lovable therefore expect the best and unique road venture to your safari destination.

Why Self Drive Trips are not recommendable in Uganda some times

Most tourists who tour Uganda and go for Self-drive have been threatened and intimidated about the experience. Why?

Being that Uganda road rules are there but not /never implemented & neither are they followed, this makes it have a record of the highest road accidents & fatality levels in Africa thus not favorable for Uganda Safari self-drive.

Still roads in Uganda are not in good condition rather most of them are in very bad shape thus hindering your self-drive trips/safari. However, there has been a little bit of road improvement but still there exists potholes especially in the remote areas where tourism is operated in the country.

At times its far much better you leave the driving to us (Ugandans) because we know every corner of the country while on the road, being new in the country you could probably not even be aware of the new rules implemented on the roads, the signs and the importance of each.

Police Traffic stops is another as to why issue, because in this case you are most likely to meet police standing on the road side flagging you down, trust me if new in this country you may start asking yourself questions like what should I now do? So there you go allow us drive you.

There also several dangers of driving at night especially if new in the country. Drunk driving, driving without headlights and so all this calls for your extra carefulness while on the road at night.

All in all, when it comes to Uganda Safari Self Drive, there has occurred several hindrances that have limited tourists from reaching their long time dreams of touring Uganda, but before anything regarding this kind of safari think/consider the bad part of it otherwise you will get disappointed. However, this doesn’t imply that Uganda Safari Self-drive is impossible, No, infact there those who have had their successful conducted tours around the country.