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Uganda safari Resorts

Where to stay on your Uganda safari resort

A fine composition of luxury stay in the wilds of the pearl of Africa is made out of Uganda safari resorts. When it comes to safari accommodation, my Uganda is totally wealthy and blessed with that both in every National Park and the towns itself within the country. Certainly a safari resort is different from a safari lodge, safari tented camp, safari camp. In this instance a safari resort does provide all the items and amenities that a holiday maker may want during the time of stay at a specific place. A safari resort is characterized as below: –

  • Marketable /commercial formation which provides a self-contained life for its customers.
  • Various safari resorts do provide food in a restaurant/kitchen in the room where you can be able to cook for yourself, have drinks in the minibar of your suite/in the bar that is positioned usually in the perimeter of the resort.
  • A safari resort is also in quite a good position to provide the best accommodation lodging, sports facilities, like a basketball court, Gym, golf course, etc.

Safari resorts also do provide entertainment, shopping, which are met to be close to the lodges /within the same perimeter. In short a safari resort can be exactly like a Hotel facility that offers a proper procedure of services within the premises. Anyway the fact remains several accommodations in the Uganda National Parks, the luxury accommodation provides almost all the amenities for the resorts and here are some of them below: –

The Baboon safari resort.

After your long day game drive in Queen Elizabeth National park, then this is the preferred resort for your great choice to relax in. Its positioned in this national park (QENP) the most toured safari destination for safaris in Uganda. Baboon safari resort is located on the escarpment of Kyambura gorge on the bounds of QENP. This resort provides a well setting sight of the low savannah plains of QENP the mystic mountains of the moon (Mountain Rwenzori) and the cool environment from the surrounding locality. This resort does offer you a great opportunity to spot the wildlife in QENP in the morning game drive,Kazinga boat cruise,birding,community walks,etc. The resort also provides/offers quite good and favorable meals to all its customers with a calm gift shop and roomy beds plus all en-suite.

Queen Elizabeth farmland safari resort lodge

This is a wonderful and attractive accommodation facility in QENP, providing luxury accommodation amenities. This resort lodge does provide where to stay in built rooms, self-contained having a shower warmer, enclosed with a spectacular garden to pacify your stay. The farmland safari resort lodge is situated near the farmland on the bounds of QENP. The resort grants you a wonderful opportunity to begin off with your community tours in the vicinity. The existence of the modern restaurant which offers you services for you to relish, the world-wide cuisine and local dishes, a minibar inclusive, plus the performances of the cultural dancers who are invited during the weekend to provide entertainment to the visitors.

Kingfisher safaris resort

This resort is positioned close to Kampala about ,82 km from it and 9 km from Jinja town. It’s a resort under luxury level and close to the source of the Nile, it does provide the finest and right sport for bird watchers in Uganda, and  those who love water due to the fact it’s close to Lake Victoria so activities like white water rafting along the Nile, are flexibly done there .Accommodation provided by this resort is marvellous, like it contains 32 rooms involving singles,suites,doubles,family suites,etc.There higher opportunities there for you to relish yourself like having a swim in its wonderful swimming pool,children’s playground,the gardens, and so much more of the interesting structures therein to provide your family,children,friends an incredible moment to stay in Uganda.

The Gorilla Resort

In the heart bit of Bwindi Impenetrable park, that shelters almost half of the mountain gorillas in the whole world is where this resort is located. This is one of the luxury safari accommodations in the National Parks of Uganda. It provides calm accommodation amenities in the cottages fully furnished with semi-realistic furniture and decor to display the real luxury safari sensation. The chalets at this resort all oversee the luxuriant dense forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest plus the National park. Gorilla resort is positioned in Buhoma section of BINP in the slopes of the Highlands. These chalets do provide a cool sight of forest and the highlands of western Uganda from the wooden balcony, plus the lessening sight of river munyaga. Gorilla Resort offers sun-downers campfire in the wilds, where you relish a cool breeze from the low lands and the night jungle sounds which turn every evening into a classic and also provides calm safari tents to only those who treasure a real safari involvement in a luxury accommodation amenity.

There are so many other safari resorts that we have not listed down like Bunyonyi safari resort, and so on. So you can book with us –Monumental Expeditions safaris for your safari resort in Uganda earlier before you depart for a flight. This will help you have a well organised and planned tour ,and avoid hindrances with where you are going to stay/accommodation while in Uganda.

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