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Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda tours

Uganda safari Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This is Uganda’s second largest National Park, located in Kasese district, established in 1952, initially was known as Kazinga National Park but then later named Queen Elizabeth National Park to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s visit. This Park has an area coverage of about 1,978 km 2 spans the Equator and marks with a spot of latitude 00, lies against the back of the famous mountain Rwenzori with striking sights that are made up of various crater lakes. It constituents of several eco-systems made up of expansive savannah, mysterious, moist forests, lakes and fertile wetlands which enables it shelter various Wildlife, Primates and Bird species.

These Crater lakes are intensely engraved into the green rolling hills. In this park you will still appreciate the sights of the Kazinga Channel that is crawling with Hippos, Elephants, Buffalos, etc. You will also view the Savannah plains of Ishasha whose fig trees abstruse tree climbing lions that are ever ready to knock on the herds of the famous Uganda Kob.

Like another National Park or tourism destination there are several activities done within and outside this park. These activities include Wildlife viewing as the primary activity in Kasenyi, Mweya & Ishasha sections, exciting Chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura gorge, Kalinzu forest, Hiking and nature walks, Bird watching, Boat /launch cruises along the Kazinga channel, Hot air Ballooning, a tour to the explosion crater and to the Katwe salt works, plus visiting local communities, etc.

There are several attractions that will capture your mind and eyes magically like the rich cultural background. There higher chances of tourists meeting up with the local communities and take part in the cultural activities like traditional dances, storytelling moments, listening to traditional music and more.

What you can do on your Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Wildlife viewing

Through having the game drives in the morning and sometimes in the evening, one is able to wide game view in sectors like Kasenyi where you will spot large totals of Antelopes, lions, cats. The chunky grass covered with huge vegetation dominated by candelabra & thorny Mweya Peninsular where you will spot mainly Leopards and Ishasha sector that will give you an incredible gaze at the tree climbing lions.

Chimpanzee tracking

This mystic activity is performed in places like the Extensive Kyambura Gorge where almost 16 chimps can be found being sheltered in his specific place within the National Park, Kalinzu forest which houses about 300 chimps and visitors love chimp tracking from it so much. But only does it contain chips only but also other various wildlife and birds as well.

Hot Air Ballooning

This begins in the morning with wonderful sights of the sun arising from the East as though it were coming from lake George. The Balloon tour usually lasts for 1 hr and here you are able to sight through the untamed wilds of Africa, the Ishasha plains and this is so adventurous that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Boat /Launch Cruise

Through getting engaged in this activity it offers you a great opportunity to take photos since the boat does drift slowly by the shores of the channel and you are able to wide spot animals like the closet of Hippos in the whole of Africa. During the afternoon boat ride, you can view herds of Elephants, Buffalos, etc.  This activity marks the high spots of Uganda safaris within Queen Elizabeth Park.

What to see on Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, there is a number of attracting features that also most of the times captures tourists’ eyes and also give them a unique feeling of wanting to go and spot for themselves hence planning for a Safari to this National Park. And these involve Mweya Peninsula, Kazinga Channel, Ishasha Tree Climbing lions, The Equator & the Queens Pavilion, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest, Maramagambo Forest, etc.

  • Mweya Peninsula

This feature is located on the Northern bank of the striking Kazinga Channel where it merges with lake Edward, overlooks Katwe bay of lake Edward and the heart of sightseeing. You are able to explore this magnificent feature and its distant parts by the help of a ranger guide.

  •  Kazinga Channel

This channel is approximately 40 m long and joins 2 lakes, Edward and George found on the western and eastern side respectively. It is one of the fundamental attractions in this park (Queen Elizabeth National Park) that most tourists are forced to go and bear witness of its splendor while on their safari. While on a boat cruise along this channel they are able to wide spot numerous flora & fauna.

  •  Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions

The area coverage of this section is 100 km 2 south of Mweya. This park ‘s distant division does give you a real Africa Wilderness experience which involve inhabitants like Savannah woodland and Ishasha river along with lake Edward that has a diversity of wild game like the climbing tree lions, Shoe bill stork, etc.

Travel options Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This park from Kampala city one can reach it from the South via Masaka & Mbarara (420 km) or the North via Mityana & Mubende- Fort Portal Road (410 km).

Where to stay on your Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are various places to stay both in and out of this National Park and it caters for all budgets. Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury facilities. Camping still is also possible. The Uganda wildlife Authority has gotten Hostel and student camp, there are also various campsites for independent campers in the Mweya section. And these involve:-
Budget Accommodation- Simba Safari lodge/Elephant Hub Lodge

Mid-range Accommodation-Park View Safari Lodge/Marafiki/Enganzi

Luxury Accommodation- Mweya Safari Lodge, Jacana Safari Lodge.

What to pack –Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park

Like any other safari this also doesn’t differ that much from them. You are recommended to carry with you long sleeved shirts and trousers as usual, pack your comfortable closed shoes, waterproof boots, a camera of course because you will need to take photos on your Uganda safari Queen Elizabeth National Park. Bottle of drinking water, some body cream to protect your skin from the direct sunshine while on a Boat cruise, etc.

Best Company to use for your Uganda Safari Queen Elizabeth National Park

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