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Uganda safari-Gorilla trekking & chimpanzee tours

Uganda safari-Gorilla trekking & chimpanzee tours

Uganda safari trip


Uganda safari-Gorilla trekking & chimpanzee tours

Safari trips in Uganda are expeditions embarked on by tourists who are in dissimilar safari terminus found in the country. As regards this kind of safari, in the past it was reflected to be a bigger excursion for the stalkers in the wild places of dissimilar parts of Africa and most especially during the colonial period. But at present Uganda safari trip is highly considered an expedition taken to overland places in the Rural areas of the country for game spotting rather than game hunting.

Uganda safari trip grants you an opportunity to spot a series of games in their natural territory thus offering you an exquisite and real experience on your safari to the pearl of Africa. There is a series of Uganda safari trips one can relish and also unbridled the concealed delight about the wildlife in Uganda. This kind of safari does grant you an opportunity to spot and certainly take photographs of dissimilar wildlife species that you would have spotted while on your game drive tracks.

Well, these trips are also leveled in phrases of Luxury trips, budget trips, and probably the tranquil for the elaborate tourists and the luxury ones tend to take care of the charges of such an exclusive profligate accommodation in national parks like Chobe safari lodge. Conversely, the other safari trips embarked on in the overland of the pearl of Africa involve Birding safari trips, hiking safaris in Murchison falls national park, Migratory safaris like the Wildebeest migration, Medical safari trips, photography safari trips, horseback safari trips in Lake Mburo national park, etc.

Why pick Uganda for a safari trip?

Uganda as a country is characterized by several factors as to why it is favored when it comes to this kind of safari trip. This is a landlocked country with a unique and favorable climate year in and year out and the fact that it does contain a wonderful total of 10 national parks in existence. Still, it does shelter a vast number of mountain Gorillas almost half of the world’s gorilla populace under the protection and housed by Bwindi Impenetrable national park, plus Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Not only that Uganda also shelters a reasonable total of Chimpanzees located in Kibale national park, plus other primates ‘species, etc. The gift of nature that is evident from the Savannah national park in Uganda which involves the famous Big –Five like lions, Elephants, Rhinos (Ziwa rhino sanctuary), Buffalos and Leopards.

Not only that but still Uganda as a country does shelter a vast total of bird species approximately 1,000 species of which most of them do highly favor the birder’s curiosity, the indefinable Shoebill stork & the typist bird, etc. The habitations preparation in Uganda does curl its wildlife in the national parks within the country and these preparations do involve the primate home area of the thick tropical forest (primate safari trips), lakes like Lake Victoria, the Wetlands, the Nile river, Sipi falls under the category of strong waterfalls, mountain Rwenzori and Mount Elgon falling under the umbrella of the tall mountains in Uganda, etc.

Why should you go for a Uganda trip?

There are basically various reasons as to why such a decision is highly taken. And these do include spotting the wild animals, to mention but a few. Conversely, the following are some of the reasons why you should go for a Uganda safari trip as below: –

Most of these tourists do try out this kind of safari due to the fact that they want to be able to get the opportunity to spot wildlife in their natural homes rather than seeing/sighting them while in cages in the city park zoos. This is real life-changing to spot the animals vividly that you grew up watching on T.V & via the internet especially meeting and spotting them like meeting the incredible mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable national park for instance.

Now several of the tourists do engage and plan for a safari in Uganda or any other country basically to be able to reduce and calm down the stress they could possibly be going through and try hard to get engaged and involved with the earth in its natural system plus all its preferred rudiments like the vegetation such as the savannah, Kyambura tropical rainforest in QENP, water bodies such as River Nile, plus lakes existing in the Murchison falls national park.

There also exist tourists who strictly transfer to explore and learn/find out more about the cultures of different people in different countries and Uganda inclusive. These tourists are culturally passionate and want to discover the different cultures and behaviors of different people, their traditions & lifestyle, also take a look at the Batwa cultural encounter in BINP, plus the Karamojong cultural encounter in Kidepo Valley National Park, etc.

What to do while on a Uganda safari trip

There is a lot to be engaged and involved in once you embark on this kind of safari trip in Uganda. This is because of the tourist activities in high totals all in the existence of the national parks, major cities, and towns in the country, and different communities, to mention but a few as we can see below: –

Chimpanzee trekking is an activity and such an incredible primate trip in Uganda. This is mainly steered from Kibale National Park which is well known as the primate capital of the world.

Gorilla trekking is one of the most spectacular activity steered from Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. By the way this is the most highly booked safari trip in Uganda and one is able to spot the endangered mountain gorillas.

Through national parks like Murchison falls where one can be able to spot the Big-Five & Queen Elizabeth as well, at the rhino sanctuary where the rhino huge totals can be widely sighted and hence leading us to the wildlife safaris in Uganda.

One can also get involved in activities like Uganda walking trips, which grant you an opportunity to transfer through the tourist vehicle, stretch your legs in the existing savannahs of Lake Mburo national park, etc. There are other more activities like city trips (Jinja) where you will explore the source of the Nile that is on the shores of Lake Victoria, touring the mabira forest-nature walks, camping, biking, white water rafting along the Nile in Jinja, cycling, etc.

Therefore, Uganda safari trip is one trip one shouldn’t miss because it does enlighten your understanding of Uganda-pearl of Africa. Year in and year out one can tour Uganda whether peak season or wet season and still further you can relish the fancy places to stay (accommodation) like mweya safari lodge (QENP),in Murchison falls (Chobe safari lodge), etc.