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Lifetime Experience Safaris.

Uganda safari Experience

Discover the pearl of Africa that is obviously Uganda we are talking about through the experience of its safaris. A Safari in Uganda is considered and ranked the most memorable and unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Uganda is a country of distinctions, with a slight portion of everything Africa has to present all the way from the Snow-covered Mountains of the Moon to the relaxing beauty of the Kazinga Channel, the massive force of the Murchison Falls to the striking silence of Lake Bunyonyi, huge rain-forest – Savannah, the mountains, lakes and rivers, the huge amounts of wildlife, the significant Primates, etc. all waiting to welcome you. Now this is what we call the real Heart of Africa, showered in sunshine spanning the equator, peaceful, responsive and lively. Uganda is a Hot spot for safaris like Gorilla tourism, safari vacations, wildlife safaris, cultural safaris, walking and nature tours, luxury travel packages, etc.

Uganda Mountain Gorilla Tracking Experience

For any tour/safari to fully be contented you need to involve in this awesome experience of tracking mountain Gorillas in Uganda specifically in their natural home of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Visiting these gentle creatures, viewing them in their natural homes is truly an exclusive encounter you wouldn’t love to miss. Whichever individual involved in this encounter is skilled, well informed and hospitable, i.e. the drivers, guides, rangers, porters and the guards. This is just incredible! Mounting the hills in the dense rain-forest to finally spot these gorillas family- The head/big silverback, babies and youngsters. Unbelievable. However, Gorilla Tracking permits cost $600 per person while Gorilla Habituation permit goes for $1500 per person but then beginning of 1 st July 2020 Gorilla Tracking permits will cost $700 per person while the Gorilla Habituation Experience permit will remain at $1500.

The Uganda Cultural Experiences

There are several cultural sites to tour in and around the country. The cultural performances to display various values of different traditions are just wonderful. Apart from containing the amazing game, lovely lakes and rivers, the hikes, the people staying /living therein, Uganda has also got music, accompanied with great dances and all other kinds of entertainment which all end up highlighting your safari. There is a whole line up of options in case you are looking for where to take your family out and also experiencing a good time culturally.   If you are looking for some great family outing and cultural experiences, this is the right place to come please if given a chance include it in Uganda safari itinerary.

Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Experience

What an interesting venture since it involves you search for these endangered creatures that exactly resemble human kind, spend time with them, get to know how they leave their lives, play, eat and so on. In Uganda Chimpanzees mainly reside in Kibale National Park, famous and best destination if you are interested in tracking them. Now this is what is called a great encounter with our closest cousins. Still in this park once you are done with tracking chimpanzees, you are able to sight a variety of 10 other primates like monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, Red Tailed Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Grey checked mangabey, to mention but a few. Rates of Chimpanzee tracking go for $150 per person whereas Chimpanzee Habituation Experience is $220 per person (Kibale National Park). other destinations for sighting these creatures are Kalinzu forest, Budongo forest (C.T-$90 per person) and in the Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth.

Uganda Birding Experience

The existence of over 1030 distinctive Bird species all waiting to be explored by you(tourists). Uganda is enriched with a huge total (1030) of bird species.  The finest places to watch these birds highly are Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and so on. Well we all know much of Uganda is covered by lakes (25%) all this making it a perfect place for bird lovers to watch a variety especially the water birds.

Uganda Fishing Experience

The occurrence of water bodies like the Nile river in Murchison Falls National Park, visits made on Lake Victoria, all this allows the activity of fishing to take place.A variety of fish is caught in these water bodies like the Nile perch with weight ranging between 10-80 kg (23-177 Ibs), the world’s largest fresh water Game fish and many others. It is mainly by throwing baits/traps. All the necessary fishing blocks for the Nile perch trailing on the lake is delivered but anglers are free to bring their own gears.

Mountain Hiking Safari Experience in Uganda

Snow topped mountains like Mt. Rwenzori-that is why it’s referred to as mountains of the moon. It is well known for the adventurous involvement of Hikers exploring the beautiful setting and slopes on it. Mt. Elgon, Mount Sabyinyo, glaciers on the Equator, etc. With this it makes it cool for hikers to visit especially those interested in climbing and trekking over minor hills, medium sized and high mountains.

The Uganda wildlife safari experience

Uganda’s numerous National parks (10) shelters a vast range of wildlife animals and various bird species residing in the savannah and tropical rain-forests of these parks. Once you engage in the Game drives in these parks you are able to have a wide view of these animals like the Leopards, Lions, Antelopes, Rhinos, Zebras and through the Boat cruise activity which gives you an opportunity to spot those animals at the river banks/drinking water like the Hippos, herds of buffalos, water crocodiles, etc.

Africa Uganda Adventure Holidays Safaris

Involve and engage yourself in the incredible African Mountain Climbing trips, White Water Rafting on Nile River, Zip-lining in Mabira forest, Volcano Hiking/climbing, Bungee Jumping into the Nile River, biking through the Savannah, Hill walking through the Kibale Rain-forest.

Bicycle and Car joined Safaris

Most tourists/travelers transferring to Uganda love spotting the country while seated in cars/vehicles, passing through the Pearl of Africa countryside, some engage in walking trips from Trekking the gentle giants (mountain gorillas) to Chimpanzee Trekking, Birding and Nature Walks in between. You can still have village walks in small settlement which exposes you to a whole other new world of true Africa in Uganda.

Monumental Expeditions Safaris, are vibrantly here, just like you feel you want to engage yourself in such a tremendous,stimulating and life changing Uganda Safari Experience, contact us and trust me you won’t feel like missing any of the ventures.