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Uganda Mweya Safari lodge

This Lodge is found on a cape, range of Mweya peninsula that divides lake Edward from the Kazinga Channel, within the core of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and surrounded by the mystic Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon). There are also fabulous views of the lake and the Kazinga channel. Mweya Safari Lodge bids tourists/guests a remarkable experience of amenity in the wilds.

Facilities and Services

Uganda Mweya Safari Lodge offers a range of facilities and services as follows:

  • Swimming Pool, relish a cocktail in the immensity Swimming Pool that is overseeing incredible the Kazinga Channel. This pool is panoramic in view of the Kazinga Channel, that divides/splits Lake George and Lake Edward. There is a pool bar always with a waiter /waitress ready to attend to you and you can as well enjoy the warmth of Africa once lying on the wooden sun deck.
  • Restaurant & Cuisine, visitors/tourists may decide to dine indoors and love it indoors, in our stylish, official dining room/outdoors on the balcony/terraces, which ever, where the setting is enriched by an outstanding panoramic spot across the Kazinga Channel. Have a fine treat to the mouth-watering menu of both local and international specialisms provided by our skilled chefs. What a wonderful Saturday evening at this lodge since there traditional dancers and the special barbecues quiet an occasion to remember.
  •  The Business Centre-there is always occurrence of different business meetings and at your convenience, accessibility of the Internet, needs of the transferring business executive and open 24 hrs,7 days a week
  • The Gift Shop, at this lodge there exists a gift shop where you can be able to purchase East African crafts, souvenirs like tour essentials, clothes, etc. Always once on a tour have something take home, surprise your loved ones with something from the pearl of Africa.
  • Conference Facilities-there is a well-equipped, air conditioned conference room with a sophisticated board room to facilitate all your business and workshop needs.NB. Please pre-arrange events with reception prior to arrival.

Activities at Uganda Mweya Safari Lodge.

There is a range of activities and attractions performed, gotten involved in at Mweya Safari Lodge like engage in a game drive & explore a huge selection of wild game, a launch trip along the Kazinga Channel using one of our frill/luxury boats of which here you will be able to wide spot a range of different bird species (619) accessible to be sighted. Close by chimpanzees can be located in the Kyambura gorge and many more as mentioned below: –

  • Birding

Lake shores, swamps, grassland and forests in Queen Elizabeth National Park provide shelter to a remarkable total of bird species (indigenous 7 migratory birds recorded in Uganda) thus promoting bird watching for those who love birds. High spots involve the Martial Eagle, the African Fish Eagle, Shoe bill, Papyrus Gonolek, Verraux’s Eagle Owl etc.

  • Going on Safari.

Game drives are done both in the morning and evening all being transferred by Mweya Safari Lodge’s vehicles and driven by conversant drivers. On the other hand, visitors may wish to use their own vehicles, possibly with a ranger guide rented from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Wildlife on the North Kazinga plains near to the Lodge one is able to sight animals like elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, waterbuck, bushbuck and warthog. Another common-but unexpected-sighting in this area is the Giant Forest Hog, Africa’s largest pig, which is usually associated with dark forests rather than semi-open thickets.

  • Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla tracking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (few hours’ drive from this park) can be included in the Mweya Safari Lodge travel plan. An experience with these gentle giants is Uganda’s most famous tourism attraction and one of the world’s most extraordinary and special wildlife experiences. Well this lodge has gotten its own airstrip situated a short distance from it.

  • A bush breakfast is a must when you stay with us.

Early in the morning visitors are transferred to a lovely picnic spot through the Channel Track and Campsite 2. On your way there are chances for you to spot animals like elephant, lion, hippo, leopards, warthogs and other wildlife and bird life. Spot as well the eagles soaring in the skies above the Kazinga Channel while you get busy eating your freshly prepared breakfast in the wildest scenery. Apart from the mentioned activities there are other involvements like watching of the tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, cultural walk to discover and relish the different cultural and traditional performs of the indigenous tribes, etc.

How to Access Uganda Mweya Safari Lodge

This safari lodge is situated in Western Uganda within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Takes 1 hr from Entebbe international airport to Mweya airstrip, that is by Air transport(flight) and 6 hrs from Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park (approximately 420 km) and when you have used Road as the means of transport.