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Sport fishing in Uganda

Uganda fishing safaris

Uganda being referred to as the Pearl of Africa is not just a say but it’s true because of what it fully contains and has in stock for both its people and the Tourists. Apart from being the most beautiful country in Africa, having a lovely backdrop or setting, it has half of the populace of the mountains Gorillas in the whole world-that’s incredible, welcoming and lovely people who live in it, now all that said and mentioned it is also blessed with various stunning water bodies which do make fishing available and a success in this country. Being located on a raised basin which goes between the Eastern & Western branches of the Great Rift Valley, sure Uganda-Pearl of Africa has gotten the unlimited ability of accumulating Aquatic based/reliant Expeditions.

Having an exclusion of the semi-desert in the extreme Northeast, Uganda (Pearl of Africa) is well irrigated/drenched & flourishing/dense, and here almost 25% of the country ‘s base is covered by water. Lake Victoria for instance is the largest water body, second prime/largest fresh water body in the world and it is being shared by countries like Kenya & Tanzania. And other various water bodies or lakes involve George,Edward,Albert and so on which are deliberately & tactically resting on the Congolese boundary plus Lake Kyoga the swampy & harsh distinct lake lying in the centre of the country, do ease the activity of  fishing(Fishing trips), enhancing /complementing on the 2nd longest river in the World-River Nile.

Take a look at Lake Victoria, there has been an activity of fishing taking place on it since 1997 when the 1st boat was launched in Uganda. Still on this water body several fishermen from all over the world have been able to fish and catch the huge/massive Nile perch and precious of time has been spent on Murchison Falls(Nile River).The Nile perch that is caught weighs approximately  20-180 pounds in largest fresh water game in Africa, this type is the prime catch on the lake and you are recommended to use Baits. Unquestionably the crucial casting/trawling attack for the Nile Perch spinning on the lake is provided but casters are free to carry their own equipment /gadgets. River tours can be relished by everyone especially from those with no preceding involvement/experience to those in search for new terminus with tours from half –full day provided /extended overnight tours for the more thoughtful fishermen.

Where to go for Uganda Fishing Safaris

One can enjoy his/her Fishing safari/trip from Murchison Falls National Park normally steered/directed in the place at the vile of the falls. This activity (Fishing) is done either slightly lower downstream in the pools from a Boat/at the rocks on the bank of the river. Fishing Safaris (Monumental Expeditions) entrée all fishing high spots by Boat from our beginning point at Paraa/Riverside dodge. Temperatures at Murchison falls are sometimes high –over 40℃ most especially at mid-day & casters are recommended to be equipped with sun protection involving sun tan lotion, Hats & long sleeved shirts, remember insect bites from Tsetse flies that’s why we advise you wear long trousers and carry the insect repellent with you.

Not only there but one can still engage in fishing on Lake Victoria (Ssese Islands), this the world’s 2nd largest fresh water body containing the enormous fresh Fish-Nile Perch. We do offer/present the opportunity to half &full day expeditions for ‘Catch & release’ of Nile Perch. Of course there are other fish types you can still catch from this water body like Tilapia fish, Cat fish and so on while on your sport fishing venture.

Remember methods used when fishing in both places (Murchison falls & Lake Victoria) are the same, modern enabling you achieve your target of fishing for future tourism, that’s why they have been emphasized highly by the UWA as regards the policy of ‘Catch & Release’ back to the water.

Fishing Methods /Equipment-Uganda Fishing Safaris

Fish types like Nile perch and numerous cat fish are probably caught on live baits, the other huge various small species are used as baits instead, are gotten involving tiger fish. Therefore, we commend you to have a rod of between 11 feet(3 m) & 8 feet(2.4 m) together joined with affixed spool/multiplier reel(30-35 IB) line 17 kg will do. This in most cases relies on personal fondness & ability with the multiplier

A 7 spinning rod containing 5 kg(10 IB) line is tolerable, can do for smaller species like tiger fish. This means any reel securely to be cast by small spinners is fit.

What to bring when on a Uganda Fishing Safaris 

We recommend you to carry with yourself equipment/gears like Hats, sunglasses creams since it can tend to be so hot out on the lake( regular day time temperatures are in the mid –late 20℃).Here sandals are a better preference as you know it’s a lake so you may get wet feet especially when getting on & off. In case you ought to take photos carry your camera with you, pair of Binoculars if keen enough on Bird life, Insect repellent in case of insect bites. And please do wear light day clothes like T-shirts, shorts but also a rain jacket /light jacket is recommended in case of cooler weather/bad weather.

What is the cost of Uganda Fishing Safaris?

Uganda Wildlife Authority does rate $50 per person per day, $150 per person for 4 Days but then all that excluding entry charges to the park and your gears to use while enjoying your Uganda Fishing Tour. National park entry charges are $40 per day, National Park fishing fees are $40-$50 per day ,reliant on the number of days fishing which are payable straight to the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

But then when it comes to Murchison Falls National Park, the activity (Sport fishing) is reliant on the totals of tourists interested in relishing the activity. Still then sport fishing can be performed by getting on board on  a Boat ride containing a total of 3 participants and each person charged $250 per day, though 2 members is the number that is recommended on the boat.

When is the Best time for Uganda Fishing Safaris?

Remember fishing in Uganda can be done year in ,year out, however the highly advised season is the peak season since there is less rain in those months (December & June –mid October) this way your safari is not obstructed at all. If you want and desire to know more please dot hesitate to contact us-Monumental Expeditions Safaris for more information as regards Uganda Fishing Safaris.