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1Day lake Mburo National Park Uganda safari.

Uganda Day Safari

Uganda indeed has gotten a lot on its tourism plate to present that even still in a day there is so much for one to explore. Any Uganda safari undertaker is able to have a Uganda safari of a lifetime. Uganda Day safari does take you through destinations that are within easy reach from the city of Kampala and probably where exactly most Uganda Tours begin from.

Monumental Expeditions Safaris has organized matchless excursions for you to numerous destinations involving Urban safaris in Kampala city where the Seven Hills discovery is central close with sites of Historical, Religious, Political, Social, Cultural, Educational and Economic implication. The adventure safaris to Jinja-the famous source of the Nile which exposes you to activities like water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Boat experience to the Historical source of River Nile, the Forest walks within Mabira Forest, picturesque discovery at Ssezibwa falls/Sipi falls.

Still our short day safari will be characterized with the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee safari where these endangered species reside, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center(UWEC) with countless of Wildlife & safari extension to Lake Mburo National Park which offers you a chance to discover a series of Wildlife like Rothschild, Giraffes, Cape Buffalos, the Topis, Impala, etc. Remember Day safaris in Uganda originate and end in Kampala.

Where to tour on the Uganda Day Safari

  • Adventure safaris to Jinja

This day tour can involve activities like White Water Rafting venture along River Nile, Bungee jumping venture on River Nile, Quad biking trips in Jinja, Mabira Forest walks, cultural trips and Reptile community visits. Jinja town is located in the South Eastern parts of Uganda, approximately 87 km when transferring by road towards the East of Kampala, still this town is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria & it is the huge multi-cultural place in the Busoga region and as well as the capital of Busoga kingdom. Jinja is endowed with the precious River Nile to which major tour expeditions /trips (Jinja tours) base as one of short Uganda safaris. Jinja town was named as a result of a connection between two ethnic tribes (Buganda & Busoga) who lived on either side of the River Nile. Jinja derived from ‘Ejinja’ meaning a rock & having been so rocky.

  • The Visit to the Ngamba Island

This is a beautiful Island where these endangered species of Chimpanzees reside, one is here by able to relish the tour by visiting the Chimpanzees and could even be possible that you get involved in the Chimpanzee tracking venture.

  • Day safari to Lake Mburo National Park.

This is a credible destination closest to Kampala city at about 240 km and its about 3-4 hrs drive, that offers you a chance to discover a series of Wildlife like Rothschild, Giraffes, Cape Buffalos, the Topis, Impala, Zebras, Antelopes, Water bucks, Bushbacks, Elands, Warthogs, etc. It gives you an opportunity to view such Wildlife and still more you can involve yourself in the thrilling Boat cruise on lake Mburo.

  • Uganda Safari Day to Sipi Falls

These falls do consist of 3 water falls that are stationed at Mount Elgon in the district of Kapchorwa and existing largest water falls to the Eastern parts of Uganda. Sipi falls day tour includes a mystic hiking which exposes you to the sights of Mount Elgon, the farmlands of the Bagisu plus the Karamoja settlement along the plains inclusive. This long day expedition does take you through the Eastern Uganda landscapes producing lasting memories and unique experience for weekend refreshment after a long tiring week of work.

  • Uganda Wildlife Education Center(UWEC)

This is a true picture and experience of a Zoo and acts as a home of various Wildlife species enduring in captivity. It is also considered a center for research and among the tourist attractions in the country. So your short tour to this place can enable you discover a lot and also get more informed as it regards tourism.

  • Kampala City Day Tour

This short tour arranged by Monumental Expedition Safaris offers you a chance to view the high spots of Uganda ‘s capital city. It gives you a wide sneak into Uganda’s cultural sites like Kabaka’s palace, Kabaka ‘s lake, Kasubi tombs. Religious structures like Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Catholic Cathedral, Namugongo Martyr’s shrine and Bahai Temple. Business features, Market setups, Administrative buildings, transportation modes, General infrastructures, hotels, Academic centers like Makerere University and the Political & Economic history of Uganda-Pearl of Africa.

  • Entebbe Short Day Tour

Entebbe Day safari opens your eyes to the cooled by breezes town, welcomes you to Uganda ‘s friendly nature and its fully equipped town with sites like Lake Victoria, Beach Palm Trees, good and magnificent Hotels with wonderful sights of lakes & white sand beaches, Spectacular Botanical Gardens, the Zoo (Uganda Wildlife Preserve). This is a perfect safari destination for both Uganda and the International visitors. Trust me with all this you can’t fail to enjoy your Uganda day safari in Entebbe town.

Where to Stay while on Uganda Day Safari

Accommodation in Uganda especially in the city of Kampala and Entebbe town, there is a series of places where to stay. Only that all these places do fall in different levels of Luxury, Mid-range and Budget. These city Lodges, Hotels offer the best, located in the city center providing you with a wonderful and stunning view of the city and its surrounding.

City Luxury accommodation involves hotels like Serena Hotel Kampala, Sheraton Hotel, Protea Hotel, etc. Mid-range includes Nexus Resort Hotel, Acacia Lodge, Grand Imperial Hotel to mention but a few. Still there are Hotels like Buziga country Resort, Forest cottages and so much more that fall under the level of Budget.

I therefore urge you to contact Monumental Expeditions Safaris for your Uganda Day Safari, where to go, regarding where to stay, etc. We will organize and arrange it for you with no hardships and disappointments.