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The classic sundowner. what exactly is it?

The classic sundowner. what exactly is it?

The Sundowner’s Past

“…the gin and tonic have saved more Englishmen’s lives and brains than all the physicians in the Empire,” Winston Churchill said. And it’s true: the gin and tonic was the forefather of the time-honored African ritual of “the Sundowner.”

Under British colonization in Africa, the sundowner ritual started. It sprang from need rather than desire. Quinine was discovered to be anti-malarial in South America at the beginning of the 18th century. Quinine was then distilled into medicinal tonic water, which was subsequently flavored with gin, sugar, and lime. In the warm portions of South America, British soldiers drank this drink to avoid disease.

Gin and tonic’s popularity rose in unison with the British Empire’s expansion into Africa. The drink was used to prevent malaria, much as it was in South America. Humans began to consume it in social settings, giving rise to the sundowner ritual. The sundowner is still a common tradition on an African safari today. Nonetheless, it is currently mostly used for recreational rather than medicinal objectives.


What can you anticipate from a sunset in Africa?

A choice of drinks and refreshments are typically provided against the stunning background of an African sunset. Several sites have their own unique and private African sundowner location where you may see this magnificent moment. During a sundowner, guests are urged to simply sit back, relax, and absorb up the atmosphere while listening to and viewing the savanna’s animals. The majority of sundowner spots also provide excellent photo opportunities.


Generally, your safari guide will hunt for a location with a view for your sundowner right before the sun sets. The traditional sundowner is gin and tonic, although some prefer local beers or wines. A sundowner setup can range from basic as a table and chairs to sophisticated as a blanket. Some people choose to sit on cushions and gaze out at the colorful sky, while others prefer to just stand. What could be better than a cool drink and a beautiful sunset?