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Safaris in Uganda

Is Uganda good for a safari?

High spots of Uganda safari trips involve the total of 400 Mountain Gorillas residing in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, existence of a total number of 10 National Parks, approximately over 1000 bird species, 330 mammals and various primate species. This is the most efficient guide about tours/safaris in Uganda, from reliable safari operators to activities, places and industry update.

Why You Must decide to have a Safari in Uganda?

Uganda has a lot to present to all the people who come to tour this delightful and pleasing country. It has got biggest lake on the African continent (Lake Victoria) highlighting its bosom and heavenly islands which give you a remarkable resting place after a long/lengthy tour. Lessen under a tree on the sandy beaches laterally to the Equator and incline in the weather with temperatures around 22℃ year in and year out, this is the perfect weather for a vacation even in 2 rainy seasons.

 What to Sight On your Safari in Uganda?

Astounding sights of these gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas) and endangered species (Chimpanzees) plus various Wildlife existence in their natural homes all in a protected environment. Uganda offers the Big 5 animals- (Leopards, Lions, Buffaloes, Rhinos & Elephants) worth viewing on your tour in Uganda. Out of the 330 mammal lineup to sight on Uganda Safaris, there is no critically endangered species, 7 are endangered, 2 vulnerable and 17 near threatened. Also the wild animals like the lions, zebras, giraffe, rhino, buffalo, etc you can choose to tour the Murchison Falls, or engage in White Water Rafting on the Nile, tour the cultural and historic marvels or involve yourself in a bungee jumping and to mention but a few on your venture trails. There is so much to sight and do while on Uganda safaris. This is probably the most abundant country across Africa, in a number of places it’s possible to harvest as many as 3 crops each year, in the south eastern parts handy to Rwanda, the recently cultivated apple trees are producing 2 crops each year. Coffee in abundance and the finest mountain cultivated Arabica beans, as well abundance of Robusta beans presents the basis for the majority of prompt coffee plus cola drinks in the western world.

Gorilla Trekking, Key safari activity in Uganda

You will sight the snow sheltered Rwenzori mountains that viewpoint over most of Western Uganda, its rain forests, the jungles not sighted in any other country within East African. Fishing at the bottom of Murchison Falls to catch the 150 kg Nile Perch which are hard to hook elsewhere. Wherever you go the green vegetation presents a stunning backdrop, this could be referred to as the “Evergreen Country” of Africa. A total of tourists have referred to it as Africa’s Banana Republic, not because to its kind of government however due to the uncountable types of Bananas found in the country. Uganda cultivates more bananas compared to all the other world countries apart from India. Uganda has 506 conserved forest reserves with a coverage of 6.3% of the total area in Uganda. Still while on Uganda safaris, get a chance to taste a number of local fruits like the pineapples here is unmatched in flavor, furthermore you can eat the nice, juicy, mangoes, papaya which taste very nice fruity they are full of flavor and also don’t miss out on the Jack-fruit, the closest thing to honey in any fruit.

Which Safari Company or Tour Operator?

Monumental Expeditions Safaris is one among the prominent tour companies and it has been credited for its success regarding Uganda Safaris but there are various companies though. Monumental Expeditions can take you to both Uganda and Rwanda for the stunning Gorilla tracking and Wildlife safaris. It’s significant to verify whether the above a tour company belongs to a certain professional association such as Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Tourism Uganda, Africa Tour Operators and etc.