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Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre

Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre

Nyamata Genocide Memorial, which was also a church before the genocide, is located in the Bugesera area, south of Kigali. The church remembers the lives of the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Over 25,000 killings were committed here, and it is one of Rwanda’s deadliest sites following a museum dedicated to the Murambi genocide.

The Tutsis, who believed that churches were the finest locations to hide in Rwanda, were mistakenly directed to the tombs of mass graves sunk and created outdoors. When the situation deteriorated, the Hutus pushed their way through the closed doors with explosives and were murdered with machetes and killed with pangas till they died.

People slain to date had their clothes, shoes, and national identity cards on church benches, with fresh blood visible all over the place. Worse, the alter cloth was saturated in blood from multiple victims’ attacks and was still on church grounds.


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