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Kenya,Uganda & Rwanda overland safari

Kenya,Uganda & Rwanda safari.

This is one of the mutual safaris booked in the whole of Africa, basically it is a climax of most of the African safari trips and holidays. Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda are the chief players of this game in the East African tourism industry, still the fused/merged force behind the over view of the East African tourist visa, which permits you to relish tour/safari activities from Kenya via Uganda to Rwanda making it a joined East African safari/ East Africa safari combo. The East African safaris do brand the Eastern region of the African continent very famous in the world. The East African combo does grant you an excellent opportunity to join Gorilla trekking in Rwanda & Uganda in one. You could probably make it very marvellous by embarking on gorilla trekking in the volcanoes National Park(Rwanda) to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, plus also relishing the wildlife happenstances/encounters in Queen Elizabeth National Park via the source of the Nile positioned in Jinja,then proceed to Kenya for your involvement in the maasai mara safari for extra wildlife happenstances and maasai community cultural encounters among other various exciting bids/offers from the Africa –the motherland.

There is no finest safari destination in the world than Africa-this is an assessment by several and various tourists to Uganda, indeed it’s true. Africa is naturally blessed with the best and most exclusive wildlife diversity like take a look at the incredible mountain Gorillas, the infrequent tree climbing lions located in the Ishasha section of Queen Elizabeth National Park(Uganda), vegetation &avian life not located in any other continent around the world. So then there is no way this combo safari of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda will fail to transform your life. The finest wildlife encounters in East Africa linked to the finest luxury accommodation of lodges &camps throughout the East African safari terminus, in each country, provides you a declaration that you have to relish the uttermost life altering safari /vacation experience, having a hint of realism and fascination.

Several of the tourists who take part in this kind of combo safari desire to begin off from Kenya for the Big five game happenstance/encounter. The combo safari of Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda does take 2 weeks expedition but then others do remain in East Africa for more days to fully exploit all their time discovering much about Africa. The duration you will spend on your combo safari for Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda, compensates you when you tour the thunderous Murchison falls(Murchison falls National Park) in the north eastern parts of Uganda,3 eccentric tree climbing lions of Ishasha section in Queen Elizabeth National Park(western Uganda),the endangered chimpanzees species residing in Kibale National Park and the incredible mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

What to expect on the East African combo safari (Kenya, Uganda &Rwanda safari)

It doesn’t matter from which country you have started your East Africa combo safari from but believe me/you it’s definitely going to be an incredible safari. But then let’s get to recognize the 2 chief activities or things in this Safari-Mountain gorilla trekking, big game drives for you to select from in order to spend all your quality time well in the 3 East African terminus. Let’s go to Kenya which is famous of the game drives, the finest &great migration of wildebeests and the Maasai cultural happenstance/encounter. Furthermore Uganda is well recognized for an amalgamation of  heroic game drives in the desolate places of the world and the enormous primate safaris in several terminus across the pearl of Africa.Conversely,Uganda is prominently known for the mountain gorillas trekking in the Volcanoes National Park, so then concluding that Uganda is a great joint/juncture for a good East African combo safari proficiency/experience.

Still under your Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda safari you will be able to have time in the Maasai mara overland of Kenya, where the wildlife dreamlike/wonders occurs. You have gotten an opportunity to view and witness the great migration of the wildebeests 7 the Zebras in a calm play, the African jungle king-Lion plus the other big cats like the cheetahs,Hyenas,Leopards,and luckily you could crash into a black panther during one of the night game drives when you get involved, and so much more. The game drives in the Maasai mara do grant you an opportunity to physically view the cats on their absurd morning hunt/evening. The merger  sequence occurs when the king of the jungle –the lion and the cheetah do meet on a hunting voyage, conversely this is infrequent and totally unusual. Still the great hunting you could still be able to view and witness the big lion arrogantly dining on their skin/flesh meal for breakfast.

The vast and extensive chance offered to you in Uganda to honestly dump into wildlife encounters in Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, etc. Your mind will never cease to wonder by the blow you will get from Queen Elizabeth National Park about the exceptional game drives where you are granted an opportunity to spot the infrequent tree climbing lions of Ishasha section, the wild lions prides of Kasenyi plains, plus the chief hunting grounds for the lions and leopards because of the existence and presence of the Elephants,Buffaloes,Warthogs,Uganda kobs,etc. On the other hand Murchison Falls National Park provides you an opportunity to pass via Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and also prodigy at the roaring Murchison falls via the Nile which intersects Murchison falls National Park into two.

For the exciting primate tour during the East African Combo Safari-Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda safari, you will begin precisely in Kyambura gorge (Queen Elizabeth National Park) to relish the entertaining chimpanzees, then proceed to Kaniyo pabidi forest (Murchison falls National Park) for chimpanzees at Jane Goodall Institute of primate research. Then continue straight to Kibale National Park –the primate capital of the world for the incredible chimpanzee trekking activity, the crater trail of ndali kasende crater place of Kibale National Park, engage in birding activity in Bigodi wetland sanctuary, and so on. After the chimpanzee activity enjoyment, the next destination to go is transfer to the south-western part of Uganda (Pearl of Africa) to Lake Bunyonyi for sigh watching/seeing, then proceed to the wondrous land-Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for the indefinable mountain Gorillas(Gorilla trekking) all via to the Volcanoes National Park(Rwanda) and engage in the Rwanda gorilla trekking. After all that then you can relish the capital city of Rwanda-Kigali where you get to tour the conventional center in Kigali, Genocide grounds, plus other interesting and exciting places in Rwanda. Remember this safari-Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda safari is made to the finest so as to delight your life also to blow your mind with the finest African touch by mother nature. This is one safari (Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda safari )that one should gladly involve in her /his travel plan to Africa.

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