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Uganda is the finest spot for any traveler seeking nightlife delight. Uganda has the warmest and kind people in the East African area. Ugandans are both party animals and diligent workers. There are several activities available at night in Kampala (Uganda’s capital city) and Entebbe.

Kampala is famed across East Africa for its nightlife, which spans from laid-back pubs to big clubs. Discover the finest of Kampala’s nightlife. Party like a native – with the locals – and you’ll have the finest time ever.

Kampala, Uganda’s lively city, is giving New York a run for its money.

With residents partying at all hours, you’ll be sleeping in your shoes. The establishments will remain open as long as clients continue to drink and at all locations. Wine bars in parking lots, pubs teeming with European and American expats, pub-club hybrids with dance floors and billiard tables, and even Euro-style nightclubs with light displays are available. The music is thumping no matter where you go: a combination of dancehall, East African, South African, and Nigerian music, with some worldwide pop thrown in for good measure.

These are some of the activities available to you;

Night of Laughter

These performances are available weekly in Kampala. For example, Alex Muhangi manages a comedy store. Comedy Store Uganda hosts a live stand-up comedy show every week. This show was founded in 2016 by comedian Alex Muhangi, who has also served as the show’s host from its debut. The show is taped on Thursdays at the UMA Exhibition Hall Lugogo in Kampala and airs on NTV Uganda on Tuesdays.


Fun Factory Uganda is a Kampala-based Ugandan entertainment enterprise. It was founded in 2010, with sketch comedy as its hallmark offering. It has also expanded into television shows and event planning. The actors of Fun Factory Stuff received their training at Makerere University’s School of Liberal and Performing Arts. These are some of the venues where you may have a good time at night.

East Africa’s top stage and drama performers may be found at theaters such as Labonita.


Clubbing in the evening

The purpose of nightclubbing is to have a good time all night. In Kampala and Entebbe, it’s all about having fun with people of all ages, but especially with the young, lively, and pleasant individuals.

The number of bars in Kampala and Entebbe is extensive, and each one has something unique to offer. So it is up to you to decide which one you like. Bugoloobi, Industrial Area, and Acacia Avenue are the most well-known clubs. Thrones, The Vault, The Mango Groove, Banana bar, and The Alchemist in Bugoloobi are among these bars. Acacia Avenue’s restaurants include Bike Mike’s, Cask Lounge, The Wink, Casablanca, and more. Club Play, Club Gurvnor, Club Silk, and Club Play in the Industrial sector are all available. Street Club, Night Riders, and more clubs can be found in Entebbe.

Local Football Games at Night

Look no further if you adore football or simply want to experience the Ugandan style of enjoying sport. Keep an eye out for football games in the evenings. Enjoy the game while joining in on the locals’ yelling. It’s a thrilling and unforgettable experience.


Film Nights

There are several theatres in Kampala where you may see a movie at night, including Century Cinemax, Ham Cinemax, and Numax in Entebbe, among others.


Please keep the following in mind before venturing out during the night in Kampala:


The cost of beverages will vary depending on where you go.

Security is high at Kampala locations; expect to be searched.

Ugandans stay up all night partying. Do not anticipate the celebration to end; you will go when you are ready.

Monumental expeditions and Safaris may transport you to have fun in Kampala or Entebbe after your safari.