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Gorilla Trekking Souvenirs

Souvenirs you should carry home after your Gorilla trek Safari in Uganda

These are things kept as a Reminder of a person and it’s important to do Gorilla Trekking Souvenir Shopping. This turns out to be the most instant activity after your involvement in the Gorilla Trekking activity. Under this activity, Uganda’s craftsmanship takes various forms such as weaving, pottery, wood carving and people use their inherited skills to produce some of the unique and quality crafts, (Souvenir shopping) there is displaying of several handmade crafts souvenirs portraying Mountain Gorilla Wall masks, Walking Sticks, Gorilla Badges, Gorilla Fridge magnets, Gorilla key rings, Fabrics, Framed Gorilla Group Photos, Bracelets, to mention but a few. This way they buy something as a reminder of their tour to trek Mountain Gorillas.

Must I really involve myself in Gorilla Trekking Souvenir Shopping

Why should I get involved in Gorilla Trekking Souvenir Shopping?

Well this is an activity done because it minimizes negative, social economic and Environmental impacts (responsible tourism). The mountain Gorilla Population being endangered and having the remaining number as (just over 840 Gorillas) still remaining, there has been initiation of several preventive plans ensure existence of these mountain Gorillas. Among these plans was gazetting of National Parks for these Gentle giants to live in their natural habitats and hence control being poached. Initially hunters and fruit gathers have gotten to adapt to a new way of living outside the forests and that is getting involved in making Art and Craft particulars that they end up selling to trekkers as Souvenirs that they take back after their Gorilla Trekking Activity.