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Gorilla Trekking in Nepal

Gorilla Trekking in Nepal

Gorilla trekking activity is a recently opened trekking course in Nepal that begins straight from Beni Bazar and stops at Sulichour (Rolpa district). Gorilla trekking trail was named after 10 yrs. civil war which took place in Nepal headed by the Maoists. During this war between citizens, most of these Gentle giants took refuge in this area, so the trekking professionals in Nepal decided to name this trek as a Gorilla trekking.

This war began on 13th February 1996 and came to a standstill with the Comprehensive Peace Accord signed on 21st November 2006 by the political partners in Nepal with the Maoists inclusive. Along the way to Gorilla Trekking in Nepal, there is a stopover to various typical Nepal villages hugely affected by the civil war. Gorilla trekking offers a wide range of several-ethnic groups with a great variety of culture, historical attitude of war and local cultivation with the incredible landscapes.

Cultural folk songs are very common in this place. The astonishing views of Dhaulagiri range and Saipal Himalayan are amazing.  This activity (Gorilla Trekking) is also a camping trek since there are no hotels in existence in this trail. The impressive beauty of this area is equaled. This trekking trail provides a wonderful trekking tour through the core of the post-conflict areas. As an option to various other popular trekking trails, Specelly Evereat base camp trek & trek.

This route can be a pleasure to return visitors who love Nepal. We can see life style of remote village people, culture, tradition and the tourists can get different and unique experience of the Himalaya of Nepal than other trekking places. It passes dramatic waterfalls, lakes and the country’s only hunting reserve in Dhorpatan.