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Budget Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking on Budget

We give it much thought whenever it comes to our Tourists/Trekkers/Travelers as regards to Affordable Gorilla Safaris Experiences regardless of their Budget. Now how do we get successful? Where to stay(Accommodation) greatly ascertains/establishes exactly the final price and how cheap your Safari/Tour is going to get. Luxury safari lodges/Hotels will without a doubt cost you expensively /high compared to cheap / budget safari lodges/Hotels. We take the responsibility because our part in the play is to look for a compact with various standard safari lodges/Hotels so that we are able to fairly get their services and facilities at low/fair discounted rates/prices, then in turn present/proffer them to you. So in that way and with such procedures, we are absolutely qualified to organize an extremely impressive Budget Gorilla Safaris/Tour for our trekkers/tourists with a lot of comfort-ability as where to stay good facilities), all meals of the day inclusive, etc. And with such offers, you can be able to make your Budget Gorilla trekking safari/Tour cheaper. NB. Gorilla Trekking Permits cost $600 all year through, Discounted Gorilla Trekking Permits are purchased only if there is a resold. Therefore, booking of your permit in the low /wet/rainy season is not going to guarantee you a Gorilla Trekking permit at $450. The affordable gorilla trekking safari/Tour packages above are modified to be as cost sensitive as possible.

 Comparing Budget Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

The Budget Gorilla Trekking Uganda Experience is currently the most desirable. In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park there are various cheap accommodation facilities that you can have a choice. Mid-range lodges also do gladly offer their services to budget trekkers/tourists. Gorilla permits cost $600 (Uganda), $1500(Rwanda) and $450 for DRC, of which Uganda’s Gorilla Permit is the most and therefore affordable gorilla experiences are obviously gotten from Uganda. Over half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas in the world resides in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Rwanda is characterized with nothing like Budget Gorilla Trekking but described with Luxury Gorilla Trekking Destination when its Gorilla Permits got doubled in 2017 and now costs $1500(this amount can enable you book a 3 Day Gorilla trek in Uganda even having a balance for pocket change. In order for you to see mountain Gorillas in Rwanda you have got to lower/cut down your Accommodation and transport costs, whereas as for Congo you save on paying the Gorilla permit $450 and spend highly on accommodation because they only have Top Notch Safari lodges


What to expect from a cheap gorilla trekking safari?

However, going cheap in most instances doesn’t imply you are going to have the worst experience, No, actually most trekkers/tourists mis-interpret and get it wrong, and yet not all tour operators/companies are able to organise comfortable experiences for you.  when you do your booking, a budget gorilla Safari/tour with Monumental Expeditions, we definitely offer you mid-range accommodation facilities, all meals inclusive and most of our Budget Gorilla Safari Trekkers stay/ sleep in Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge.

Booking where to stay when on a Gorilla Safari

Where to stay is another big factor to be looked into on your Gorilla Safari and be fixed in your Safari/ tour budget. Bwindi Impenetrable National itself has gotten Hotels, Lodges, guest houses, Camps where you can stay when on your safari and ranges from Budget ($50-$70), Mid-range ($80-$120) and Luxury ($250)- characterized with meal offers either full board or half board. So for a short Gorilla Safar (3 Days), you will have to spend 2 overnights (1st night arrival & 2nd night on the Gorilla Tracking session/activity being done) at one of your preferred accommodation sites in the Bwindi Impenetrable National park. In Rwanda there are plenty of options ranging from Budget(B), Mid-range(MR) and then Luxury(L) too. Your choice of accommodation will contribute highly to the nature of your Gorilla Tour/Safari. Most companies will quote all the 3 options. Among the most famous safari lodges include Sabinyo Silver Back lodge, Virunga lodge, Mountain Gorilla Lodge, etc.