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Do they speak English in Uganda? A question often asked by Tourists

Ugandans speak the Best English in Africa.

English is the endorsed/Official Language, not only that, but rendering to a study by the World Linguistic Society released in 2017, Ugandans speak the finest English in all of Africa, tailed by Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Botswana. Sudan, Rwanda. But Tanzania did not even appear in the top 10 list of fine English Speaking countries. Uganda’s official language is English and the tuition language as well in all schools and institutions all over the country. Children begin/embark on lessons regarding the English language as early as a pre-primary school. English Speaking Travellers coming on Tour will have no hardships in ordering what to eat or drink, going on a gorilla or Chimpanzee Trek, or being with a Tour driver-guide at their side.

Do They Speak English in Uganda? 

Definitely yes, Ugandans do a pretty good job interacting in English, one may find it relishing having Ugandan TV or Radio personality speak in pucker – Queens English, or another one sounding like they originated from Seattle, Washington, Cleveland, Ohio.  In some cases, they have been outside of Uganda, while others got to learn by themselves from watching movies and TV stations presented in English.

Uganda being the Number 1 English Speaking Country is an Added Plus:  

On a Tour, all accommodation staff, park rangers, Tourism Police, Porters for your Gorilla Trek, most of all your driver-guides, they all speak English and fluently. When you use English at least everyone you get close to is able to understand what you mean (your demands & requests and you will easily be attended to) despite the cultural

differences. That is a vast supplement when relating to other countries in Africa. From our perspective, that supplementary luxury and suitability that most tourists take for granted, not identifying that the Ugandan English Speaker is at home equipped with a few other languages.

Do They Speak English in Uganda?  

Yes, they do more often, but at times, lob/fling in phrases that you think mean one thing yet they are meaning/saying something else. Like ‘UgLish’ – Ugandan English, it is English, resonances like English but here and there are phrases you are oblivious about such as someone publicizing that they are going on a short call and you think they are off to make a phone call while in Uganda it implies that they are going to the bathroom. Mystified, Ugandan English has its own, let us say character, English with a Ugandan Twist locally denoted to as “UgLIsh” meaning Ugandan English.

According and among different Professors, Observers, Educational Officials, Correspondents to mention but a few, “UgLish” has its critics among them. All the while, it has become entrenched into everyday conversation, even on Facebook, Twitter, and Whats App. Newspapers like the Guardian and many other have written articles on “UgLish” the Ugandan form of English.

I think it supplements a level of charming humor into the discussion. We have gotten a full page with some of the most common “Uglish Phrases” that you might discover helpful and that most likely you will relish/love.

Ugandans are characterized with the following-responsive, hospitable, open & willing to learning about your Country. Ethnically, at least at the preliminary meeting, they might be a bit ear marked, and that is an ethnic thing.  Once they get to distinguish you a bit and they are like people elsewhere loving good discussions spotted with humor and warmth.

Do They Speak English in Uganda? 

Really good English & most of the time, it is not wrinkle English and the more relaxed American Version, it is the down-under Australian, it is English with Ugandan pronunciations.  Simply pleasant and stimulating. What may astonish you how well young people can speak English. One must take into account that most of them speak another language at home such as Luganda and so on, but when Ugandans join school, they learn English. English is taught straight from  pre-school classes such as “Baby Class.”  Uganda  being Africa’s Top English Speaking Country might astonish you, it amazed many here in the Pearl of Africa.  We, as a Ugandan Tour Operator, are enchanted.