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Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda Tours

Chimpanzee Tracking, Kibale National Park, sometimes known as “the primates’ capital,” is a one-of-a-kind wildlife destination in western Uganda, nestled inside the deepest regions of the Albertine rift against the background of the Rwenzori Mountain range. It is linked to Queen Elizabeth’s Ishasha sector, ensuring unrestricted movement and diversity of animals for Uganda safari trips.

Kibale provides elusive primate sightings of 13 primate species amid magnificent setting of coarse verdant forest sitting on free-flowing ridges, with Chimpanzees being the most popular primates. Thousands upon thousands of people travel to this area to participate in Kibale Chimpanzee tracking Uganda trips.Chimpanzee Tracking

It goes without saying that if you want to go on an exclusive primate safari, let alone the best Chimpanzee tracking Uganda safari trip, Kibale National Park is the place to go. The park is home to around 13 Chimpanzee communities, each with between 100 and 160 members. Only three or four of these groups are habituated.


Amazing facts about chimps:

Chimpanzees share 98% of their DNA with humans, making them the animal kingdom’s closest cousins.

Females and youngsters are shy and normally stay in the background, however males are brave and will approach people.

A fully developed adult male can reach 3m in height and weigh 35-70kgs, while a female can reach 2-3m in height and weigh 26-50kgs.

Chimpanzees have a lower lifetime of 40 years but can survive in captivity for up to 60 years.

Chimpanzees, like humans, may endure hair loss and baldness as they age.

They are extremely clever and exhibit human-like characteristics such as smashing nuts with pebbles, collecting water with empty pods, and plucking termites out of holes with sticks.

Chimpanzees dwell in groups of 100-160 people, and you may see moms grooming each other’s young. At the age of four, children leave their mothers’ nests.

Males cannot mate between groups, but females will travel across to mate with male chimps from neighboring communities. However, if the female conceives, she is not permitted to return to her tribe with the child for fear of being forced to consume it.

They spend the most of their time in trees, where they feed and build nests to sleep in.

Chimpanzees eat a variety of fruits, leaves, seeds, and flowers.


Chimpanzee tracking: An adventure appropriate for a Uganda safari tour


As you wake up to birds chirping in the woods, it appears to be just another day in the wilderness…

But in a few hours, your mentality will be completely transformed. Before embarking on your Chimpanzee tracking Uganda excursion, you will be given a briefing about the rules and safety considerations at the Kanyachu visitor’s center.Chimpanzee Tracking

After what appears to be the finest time of your life, the walk comes to a halt as you approach the Chimps within 8m. Spend an hour observing the children cling to their mothers, kissing and grooming them. You have a unique opportunity to capture great images of these golden moments. On this Uganda Chimpanzee tracking safari, keep an eye out for other monkey species and birds.


Chimpanzee tracking rules in Uganda

Visitors are encouraged to obey established rules such as a 15-year-old age restriction, no camera flashes, a clean bill of health, and no trash. There should be no eating in the vicinity of the Chimps, as well as no inciting or needless sounds, as this may irritate the primates.


Chimpanzee habituation

On Uganda excursions to Kibale National Park, chimp tracking isn’t the only thing to look forward to. The habituation experience is as enthralling, as you get to spend an entire day with a team of researchers and guides studying and acquainting the Chimps with human behavior before they are ready for tracking.


Commonly Asked Questions about Chimpanzee Tracking

What is the cost of trekking Chimps in Kibale? Permits to follow chimps in Uganda range between $100 and $150, depending on the season. Permits are frequently in great demand during busy seasons and so limited. Visitors are urged to buy their tickets at least 6 months in advance to avoid missing out on the experience.Chimpanzee Tracking

What additional safari activities are available in Kibale? Other activities besides Chimpanzee monitoring include Chimpanzee habituation, birdwatching, game viewing, and nature hikes.

Is walking with chimps safe? Yes. It is completely secure. A guide is always present, and Chimpanzees may be extremely sociable if not provoked.

Where else in Uganda can I go chimp trekking? On Uganda safari excursions, chimp tracking may be done in Budongo woodland in Murchison Falls National Park and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

What should I bring on safari in Uganda to follow chimps? A pair of comfortable hiking boots, pants and long-sleeved shirts to defend against prickly thickets, drinking water and snacks, binoculars, a good camera, and rain gear for the rainy season.