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African safari campfire

African safari campfire

It is safe to assume that sitting around a campfire at night is one of the nicest parts of an African safari for most people.

A campfire is traditionally the center point of an African community, where people exchange tales and customs. During an African safari, visitors congregate around a campfire before or after supper to share stories and reflect on their day in the wild.

A campfire has a wonderful aspect about it.


Campfires make the best storytime

Over a campfire in the woods. There may be no better location to share and exchange tales. The only type of television you will see in the bush is the crackle of a “bush television,” as it is known in Africa. Tales from the day and earlier safari days are shared. With so many stories to tell, it’s easy to stay up late listening to the famous sounds of Africa night.

There are no outside distractions. There is no email. There will be no Netflix. We unwind and relax even more by the soft glow of a crackling fire. Our stories are deeper and more engaging as a result. You’re certain to see something that no one else in your safari group has observed. The evening’s entertainment is provided by sitting around a campfire, and there is nothing better than kicking back, watching your bush TV, and listening to stories and noises develop against the African night.


Food tastes better outside

After an exciting day on safari, it’s astonishing how nice lunch tastes cooked over an open fire. While life is hectic in Africa, basic pleasures like beer, freshly made bread, and chops taste especially wonderful. Don’t forget about dessert. Is there anything more satisfying than a dutch oven dessert?


Guaranteed magical quiet moments

Your group will certainly go quiet at some point during a campfire gathering. The Milky Way is visible in the night sky, and as the temperature lowers, everyone moves in closer to enjoy the warmth of the fire. There’s no doubt that the warmth and flicker of a campfire are captivating and comforting. The flames will enchant you. While engulfed in the flames, you may be transported with an overpowering sense of tranquility.