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African mountain tribes, Ik tribe northern Uganda.

African mountain tribes, Ik tribe northern Uganda.

Visit the Ik tribe, one of the African highland tribes, in northern Uganda. A meeting with the ik tribe, kidepo, is a thrilling event on your Uganda safari.

The Ik are an African tribe that dwells in Morungole mountain in north-eastern Uganda, near the Kidepo Valley National Park.  The Ik people dwell in Uganda’s most isolated locations, distant from all other African tribes. These people rose to prominence in 1972, when British-American anthropologist Colin Turnbull published his book, ”The Mountain People.”

The IK people were referred to in the book as those who did not love. However, a visit to these settlements will undoubtedly disprove what has been said about the Ik people. They are lovely, compassionate, and fascinating individuals with whom to live and communicate.

You may enjoy a tour of the local Ik settlements during your safari excursion to Kidepo Valley National Park. This is one of the most distinct cultures you should not miss. You may undertake this sport on foot, but you must be physically fit and energetic to hike up high slopes.

Hiking around the magnificent Morungole mountain near the Kidepo Valley, which is also a fantastic game park for intriguing animal viewing, takes the entire day. You may go on a wildlife-watching safari in Kidepo Valley National Park as well as a cultural tour of the Ik settlements.

A visit to the Ik villages on Mount Morungole, which stands around 2,700 meters above sea level, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate your physical aptitude and endurance while climbing over steep and rough terrain in a semi-desert environment.

A minimum of 5- 6 days is necessary for a thorough safari trip in Kidepo Valley National Park with a visit to the Ik people in Morungole highlands in order to have the best and enjoy your safari tour in this isolated location.

The IK people dwell in the Morungole Mountains, near the Kenyan border, in the Kidepo Valley Park Region of north-eastern Uganda.

The Ik tribe in northern Uganda has a population of approximately 10,000 to 11,000 people. They are thought to have migrated from Ethiopia and first resided in Kenya before moving to the present Kidepo Valley Park.

They were primarily hunters and gatherers, but due to constant raids by the Karamojongs in Uganda, the Turkana of Kenya, and the Pokot of Kenya, as well as the Tuposa of South Sudan, they gave up cattle keeping and later adopted substance farming, as well as rearing some goats and beekeeping for honey.

They spent most of their lives in the forest, gathering, and hunting, but when the government decided to gazette all national parks to preserve the animals, they lost their hunting grounds, so they traveled up to Mount Morungole, where they began their life.

They currently dwell on the mountain, where they may be found in seclusion and reasonably at peace with one another. They were the first group to come to North-eastern Uganda, and they considered themselves to be the “head of the migration.”

Visiting the Ik tribe, Kidepo, high on the mountain, is one of the most unique experiences, with spectacular views of the countryside below seen from above. It is one of the most fantastic experiences and adventures you should not miss. While you’re here, you may learn about this group of people, their everyday lives, the activities they participate in, cultural conventions and beliefs, and so on. They are polygamous people, which means that Aman is allowed to marry as many wives as he wants; the more wives you have, the more revered you are.

Visiting the Ik Tribe provides a rare look into one of Africa’s most unusual and intriguing tribes. With roughly 10,000 people living in the highlands, this group of people is considered endangered for its future existence as they struggle to supplement their livelihood in the mountains. You will also enjoy wonderful views of the gorgeous countryside from the mountain’s summit.

Trekking far up the mountain to find these folks is difficult; it demands energy and physical fitness. However, the US Forest Service has developed several paths that have made traveling to the Ik settlements much easier.

You may also drive to the summit, which is a shorter alternative to the long hike; you will be escorted by a guide who speaks Ik for simple communication; the visit to the Ik villages takes around a whole day of up and descending the high mountain.

Mount Morungole’s top is roughly 2,749 meters above sea level, and the path to the villages is about 8 kilometers long. You will need to be physically strong to climb the mountain and bring some water to stay hydrated. Finally, when you reach the summit, you will be astounded by the breathtaking panorama, valleys below you, and the East African Rift Valley of Kenya.

When you arrive in the Ik villages, the inhabitants will greet you and demonstrate some of their traditional dances, among other things. They are so kind and pleasant folks that you will adore them. The fees paid for these activities are injected into the local community, which helps to sustain the people’s continued existence, as well as for other cultural visits in other regions of the country, such as the Batwa community and the Karamojong, which are some of Uganda’s unique cultures and are of interest to visitors.

You may ask the guide questions and get answers; you can also contribute money to support these families; living is hard here, there is no better education, raising children is different here, feeding is poor, and life is beyond what you could think. You may also pay them a visit and put a smile on their faces, spend time with them, and share some of the local dishes and beer with them.

If you require this safari visit to the Ik villages, please let us know and we will organize and incorporate the activity in your safari tour itinerary so that you get the most out of your safari visit to the Kidepo Valley National Park and the visit to the Ik settlements on Mount Morungole.

How to Visit the IK Tribe Northern Uganda: this is a stand-alone activity that requires one full day for the complete adventure, it’s an activity in that you can combine a safari with one of the best parks in Africa, you can visit the kidepo valley and also the community visit to the IK communities, kidepo valley is situated far in one of the remote areas in Uganda and takes some time along time getting there but you will definitely enjoy it while there. One day is sufficient to tour the Ik settlements.


Advice & Tips for Walking Safaris in Uganda


There are numerous locations in Uganda and beyond where you can enjoy walking and hiking safaris, the best safari advice in various regions of Uganda and Rwanda, and other activities such as savannah safaris, forest, jungle safaris, mountain hiking, volcano hikes, trekking, and so on. Uganda is rich in what to do and see in various regions and national parks in Uganda.  The visit to the IK people of Mount Morungole in Uganda is one of the greatest and most overlooked activities in Uganda; all you need is to be fit at all times to trek the high slopes.

The journey to the Ik villages takes around 8 hours to reach the summit and descend the mountain; this time allows you to learn about this group of people.

We urge that you dress appropriately, wear the correct clothing, and hiking boots, and bring enough drinking water, energy-providing snacks, and packed lunch while hiding out for this activity; it’s a bit tiring but well worth it.



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