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Wildlife at Rwenzori Mountains National ParkWildlife at Rwenzori Mountains National Park | The flora of Rwenzori Mountains 

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, located in western Uganda, is known for its incredible biodiversity and unique alpine ecosystems. While the park is primarily renowned for its stunning mountain landscapes and snow-capped peaks, it also supports a diverse range of wildlife. Here are some notable examples of wildlife you might encounter in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.


Rwenzori Duiker

This small antelope species is endemic to the Rwenzori Mountains. It has a reddish-brown coat and can often be seen grazing in the park’s lower forested areas.


Rwenzori Turaco

The Rwenzori Mountains are home to several bird species, and the Rwenzori Turaco is one of the most striking. With its vibrant plumage of green, red, and blue, this bird adds a splash of color to the park.


Rwenzori Colobus Monkey

These black-and-white colobus monkeys are common in the park’s forested areas. They are known for their distinct appearance, with a long white tail and a shaggy black coat.


Three-horned Chameleon

Found in the lower altitudes of the park, the three-horned chameleon is a fascinating reptile known for its ability to change colors and its three prominent horns.


Rwenzori Leopard

Though elusive and rarely spotted, the Rwenzori Mountains are home to leopards. These majestic big cats roam the higher reaches of the park, preying on smaller mammals.


Rwenzori Red Duiker

This small antelope species is also endemic to the Rwenzori Mountains. It has a reddish coat and can be found in the higher forested areas of the park.


Rwenzori Sunbird

With its iridescent plumage, the Rwenzori Sunbird is another bird species that graces the park. It has a long, curved bill and feeds on nectar from various flowers.


Rwenzori Otter

The Rwenzori Mountains are home to the Rwenzori otter, a semiaquatic mammal that inhabits the park’s streams and rivers. These playful creatures are excellent swimmers and feed on fish and other aquatic life.

Please note that wildlife sightings can vary, and the presence of certain species may depend on factors such as altitude, habitat, and season. It’s always best to check with Monumental Expeditions and Safaris information on wildlife in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

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