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Wildlife at kidepo valley national park | Wildlife species at Kidepo | Wildlife of Uganda 

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in northeastern Uganda and is known for its diverse and abundant wildlife. The park’s remote location and rugged landscapes contribute to its unique and pristine ecosystem. Here are some of the notable wildlife species you can find in Kidepo Valley National Park.


African Elephant

Kidepo Valley is home to a healthy population of African elephants. These magnificent creatures can often be seen roaming the park in search of food and water.



Kidepo Valley is renowned for its population of lions. The park is one of the best places in Uganda to spot these majestic predators. They can be seen lounging on rocks or hunting in the grasslands.


African Buffalo

Kidepo Valley has a significant population of African buffalo. These large and robust herbivores are often spotted in herds grazing in the savannah or near water sources.



Kidepo Valley is one of the few places in Uganda where you can find giraffes. The park is home to the Rothschild’s giraffe, a subspecies characterized by its distinctive coat pattern.



The park is also known for its zebras, particularly the Burchell’s zebra. These striped equids can be seen grazing in the open grasslands of Kidepo Valley.



Although relatively rare, Kidepo Valley is one of the few places in Uganda where cheetahs can be found. These fast and agile cats are known for their incredible hunting skills.



Kidepo Valley National Park is home to several antelope species, including the greater kudu, Jackson’s hartebeest, oribi, and the rare and endangered mountain reedbuck.



Spotted hyenas and striped hyenas can be found in Kidepo Valley. They are primarily nocturnal predators but can be seen during the day as well.



Kidepo Valley is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 475 bird species recorded in the park. The diverse habitats, including open savannah, riverine forests, and rocky outcrops, attract a wide range of bird species, including raptors, ostriches, bustards, and many more.


Other wildlife species that can be found in Kidepo Valley National Park include leopards, side-striped jackals, warthogs, bushbucks, and various reptiles and insects.


It is advised that you go on game drives, guided nature walks, or even visit the park’s vantage points for panoramic views to optimise your animal viewing experience. Local guides and rangers can give useful information and assist you in seeing and identifying the park’s unique fauna.

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