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Things to do at Queen Elizabeth national park | Safari Activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park | Things to do on safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the things you can do at Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Game Drives

Embark on thrilling game drives in the park’s diverse landscapes, including savannahs, grasslands, and forests. This is a great way to spot a variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes, lions, and numerous antelope species.


Boat Safari on the Kazinga Channel

Take a boat safari along the Kazinga Channel, a natural waterway that connects Lake Edward and Lake George. Marvel at the abundant birdlife, hippos, and Nile crocodiles, as well as other animals that gather along the channel’s shores.


Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura Gorge

Join a guided chimpanzee tracking experience in the beautiful Kyambura Gorge. Trek through the forested gorge in search of these charismatic primates and learn about their behavior and conservation.



Queen Elizabeth National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. With over 600 bird species recorded, including unique species like the shoebill stork, African fish eagle, and African skimmer, the park offers excellent opportunities for birdwatching enthusiasts.


Nature Walks and Hiking

Explore the park’s diverse ecosystems on guided nature walks or hiking trails. Discover the beauty of the Maramagambo Forest, explore the Ishasha River, or venture into the Kyambura Wildlife Reserve.


Hot Air Balloon Safari

Experience the park from a unique perspective by taking a hot air balloon safari. Float above the savannah and enjoy panoramic views of the wildlife and stunning landscapes.


Cultural Encounters

Engage in cultural experiences by visiting nearby communities and interacting with the local people. Learn about their traditions, dances, and ways of life, gaining insights into the local culture.


Ishasha Tree-Climbing Lions

Head to the Ishasha sector of the park, known for its tree-climbing lions. Keep an eye out for these unique felines as they relax and rest on tree branches—a behavior rarely seen in other lion populations.


Visit the Crater Lakes

Explore the volcanic crater lakes that dot the park’s surroundings. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes and learn about the geological history of the area.


Safari Photography

With its breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a haven for photographers. Capture stunning images of wildlife, landscapes, and cultural encounters during your visit.


Remember to plan your activities with Monumental Expeditions and Safaris to ensure your safety and to make the most of your visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park.


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