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The Birds of Queen Elizabeth National Park | Birds of Uganda | Bird species at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is renowned for its rich avian diversity. The park’s varied habitats, including wetlands, forests, savannahs, and lakes, provide a haven for numerous bird species. Here are some of the bird species you can find in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


African fish eagle

This iconic bird of prey is often seen perched near water bodies, including the Kazinga Channel. It has a distinctive white head, brown body, and a characteristic call.


African skimmer

These unique birds have long, slender wings and distinctive bills. They skim the water surface with their lower mandible as they fly, feeding on small fish.


Martial eagle

Known for its impressive size and powerful build, the martial eagle is a formidable predator. It can often be spotted perched on treetops or soaring in the sky.


Grey crowned crane

The national bird of Uganda, the grey crowned crane, is a striking species with its gray plumage, golden crown, and long, slender neck. It can be seen in wetland areas of the park.


Shoebill stork

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places to spot the enigmatic shoebill stork. With its massive bill and prehistoric appearance, it is a highly sought-after bird for birdwatchers.


African spoonbill

This wading bird has a distinctive spoon-shaped bill, which it uses to sift through mud and water in search of food. It can be seen in wetland areas of the park.


Red-throated bee-eater

These colorful birds are a delight to observe. With their vibrant plumage and aerial acrobatics, they catch insects on the wing.


Malachite kingfisher

This small, brilliantly colored kingfisher can be found near water bodies, where it perches on branches and dives into the water to catch fish.


African jacana

These birds have exceptionally long toes that enable them to walk on floating vegetation in wetlands. They are often seen in the park’s swampy areas.


Pink-backed pelican

These large birds with pinkish plumage and distinctive bills can be spotted in the park’s lakes and wetlands, where they form colonies and engage in communal fishing.


Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to observe and appreciate the avian wonders that inhabit the park’s varied habitats.

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