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The best time to visit semuliki national park | Best time to visit Uganda for Safari | Best time to visit Africa for safari

The best time to visit Semuliki National Park in Uganda is during the dry seasons, which generally occur from June to August and December to February. However, it’s important to note that Semuliki National Park can be visited year-round, and each season offers its own unique experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the different seasons.


Dry Season (June to August, December to February)



During these months, the weather is generally dry and pleasant, with lower chances of rainfall. Daytime temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Wildlife Viewing

The dry season is an excellent time for wildlife viewing, as animals tend to gather around water sources, making them easier to spot. This includes mammals, birds, and primates in Semuliki National Park.


Hiking and Activities

The dry season is ideal for hiking and nature walks, as the trails are less muddy and easier to navigate. It’s also a good time for cultural encounters and visiting nearby communities.


Wet Season (March to May, September to November)


The wet season in Semuliki National Park is characterized by more rainfall, especially in April and May and October and November. Rain showers can be frequent, and the humidity is generally higher. Daytime temperatures range from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius (77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit).


Lush Greenery

The wet season brings about lush vegetation, making the park incredibly scenic and vibrant. The forests are teeming with life, and it’s a great time for birdwatching, as migratory birds arrive.


Fewer Tourists

The wet season is considered the low season, which means there are fewer tourists compared to the dry season. This can provide a more secluded and intimate experience with nature.

It’s worth noting that even during the dry season, Semuliki National Park receives rainfall, as it is a tropical rainforest region. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to come prepared with appropriate rain gear, regardless of the time of year.


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