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Tanzania Travel Advice

Tanzania Travel Advice

With over a decade of expertise, we are happy to be able to provide unrivaled Tanzania travel guidance. Here we address your most frequently asked questions about Tanzania travel.


Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?

“I want to visit Tanzania, but is it safe?” This is a question we frequently get from clients looking for Tanzania travel guidance. The quick answer? Yes! Tanzania is one of the safest tourism destinations in Africa, with over 1 million visitors each year.

When traveling with Monumental expeditions and safaris, safety is of the utmost importance. Our private safari adventures in Tanzania with trained, professional guides improve your experience and offer your complete peace of mind.


What is Tanzania’s population?

Tanzania has a population of almost 60 million people. Tanzania is one of Africa’s most ethnically diverse countries, home to over 125 different ethnic groups and more than 100 different languages spoken throughout the country.

Tanzanians are well known for their generosity, and frequently welcome travelers to their magnificent scenery, animals, and culture. Meeting people is one of the finest ways to learn about a country and its culture, and it is highly advised on your Tanzania adventure!


Is a visa required for Tanzania?

Most overseas visitors to Tanzania will require a visa. Your visa can be sought online using the Tanzanian government’s official visa website. Please keep in mind that this is the sole official visa application link for Tanzania.

It is also feasible to obtain a tourist or business visa for a single entrance into Tanzania at the main ports of entry. This Tanzania visa is valid for three months. You may be requested to give documentation of your return travel, and the fee is $50 per person, $100 per person for US citizens.

When you book your Tanzania trip with a Tanzania professional, we will walk you through every step of the visa and administrative procedure.


Passports are required.

Passports should be valid for at least six months following the last day of travel.


What vaccines are required for Tanzania?

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is only necessary for passengers one year of age and older who are departing from, or transiting through, a country where yellow fever transmission is possible.

In addition to conventional immunizations such as MMR and TDP, the CDC and WHO prescribe Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid for Tanzania. Depending on the traveler’s activity, yellow fever, and rabies vaccines are also suggested. Tanzania no longer has COVID-19 limitations as of January 2023, and vaccines or PCR tests are no longer required before travel.

Before traveling to Tanzania, like with any overseas travel, we recommend that you see your physician for expert health advice.


What time is it in Tanzania?

Tanzania’s time zone is GMT + 3. Check out the time difference from Tanzania to Los Angeles, New York, London, and other cities below.

-10 hours from Los Angeles

New York is 7 hours away, London is 3 hours away, and Berlin is 2 hours away.

Tokyo: +6 hours from Hong Kong

Sydney: plus 8 hours

New Zealand: +10 hours


Tanzania’s currency is what?

Tanzania’s official currency is the Tanzanian shilling. Tanzanian shillings can be used for modest purchases such as shopping at local markets, restaurants, and supermarkets. The US dollar is also widely utilized, particularly in tourist locations where many residents prefer to receive US dollars rather than local cash.

One US dollar equals 2,300 Tanzanian shillings.

One British pound equals 3,000 Tanzanian shillings.


In Tanzania, what language is spoken?

Tanzania has about 100 distinct languages spoken. However, Swahili and English are the official languages. All Tanzania Specialist guides and hosts will speak English, however, if you want to learn a few Swahili terms before your trip, check out our list of the top 25 important Swahili words!

Tanzanian travel is more than just a holiday. This is a bucket-list trip that many Tanzanian adventurers will remember for a lifetime. Contact us immediately for extensive Tanzania travel information or to begin organising your personalized Tanzania holiday.

We hope to see you in Tanzania very soon!

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