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In the Great Apes Family, the Gorilla is the largest, the Chimpanzee & Orangutan inclusive. They are subdivided into 3 subspecies which are located in Rwanda, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo as mountain Gorilla Habitats.MOUNTAIN GORILLA HABITATS

Western Lowland Gorilla (gorilla gorilla gorilla)

This type is mostly seen in a range of forests, zoos and a big population of about 50,000 Western lowland Gorillas reside in West Central Africa (Congo –Brazzaville, Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea &CAR). The extremely rare Cross River Gorilla is a Western sub-species found in very isolated pockets in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla (gorilla gorilla graueri)

These are rare and much restricted to the lowland & Albertine Rift forests of Eastern DRC. This population is about 25,000 and is under threat from poaching and armed conflict in this part of Africa.. It’s roughly estimated that only a few thousand members remain.

Mountain Gorilla (gorilla gorilla beringei)

Only a population of 720 mountain gorillas are remaining and restricted to small pockets of moist tropical or sub-tropical forests in the mountains and Volcanoes along the borders of Northwest Rwanda, Southwest Uganda and Eastern DRC.These are the largest of the primates & endangered giants. Rwanda and Uganda ‘s habituated mountain Gorillas are the most rewarding.

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