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Mount Kahuzi

Mount Kahuzi

Mount Kahuzi is one of the active volcanic mountains of the Kahuzi Biega national park, which coexists with Mount Biega in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is a world heritage site.  Mount Kahuzi is located at the peak of the Mitumba mountain range, which is located west of Lake Kivu in the Albertine rift valley corridor.


Mount Kahuzi’s flora and fauna

The mountain is characterized by wet lowland tropical rainforests, Afro-montane flora, and tree heathers throughout the forest, and the rainforests have been through a transition forest shift for a long time, such as from net forest loss to net forest gain. Mount Kahuzi’s wildlife includes eastern lowland gorillas, who had a population of roughly 275 individuals before being devastated by Congo’s political battles, which decimated the lowland gorilla population. The Mount Kahuzi climbing mouse lives on the slopes of Mount Kahuzi, which is dominated by a montane forest.


When is the best time to visit Mount Kahuzi?

Mount Kahuzi is located in Kahuzi. Biega national park is famous for the incredible mountain climbing adventure that offers travelers an extremely exciting lifetime experience after trekking the eastern lowland gorillas, which is one of the most popular key activities enjoyed on a safari to the Democratic Republic of the Congo by all visitors from all over the world who come to Africa.

Climbing Mount Kahuzi allows visitors to see the beautiful grandeur of Lake Kivu, Bukavu town, and the surrounding countryside, as well as the possibility to interact with eastern lowland gorillas.

The hiking time takes 4 hours to rise through subalpine flora and bamboo forest to the mountain’s top; the descending session takes 3 hours.


When is the best time to visit Mount?

Kahuzi is during the dry season, when the ground is not wet, muddy, or slippery, making ascending to the summit of the mountain easier and taking fewer hours than during the rainy season. Kahuzi is in the midst of the dry season. Biega National Park is open from January through February, June, July, August, and September. During these months, temperatures are high during the day and cool at night, and there is little or no rain, which degrades the hiking adventure experience.


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